Whew! Quelle journée!

Things started with a headstrong stir at 6:30 am this morning! We had an appointment in the city at a medical clinic. Besides it was “refresh day” which is to say, laundry day! The gears began rotating in a sustained fury! The calculable performance demanded heed and exactitude! And when we drew back the drapes we revealed blizzard conditions.

It was as planned precisely eight o’clock when we turned onto Jamieson Street.  But not before having  first parleyed with our neighbour who coincidentally was just returning from her own early morning congress at the General Hospital on Smyth Road where she had deposited her husband for day surgery. The commonality was both fortuitous and moderately unraveling since it irreverently pointed to the eclipse which conjoins us all!

The ceremony of breakfast was of necessity – and, for the patient at least, by design – postponed. Only a solitary banana was bagged and carted along as a restorative precaution though in the end it never left its disguise. At the clinic – after succeeding with no inconsiderable application aided by the kindly interest of another interloper to comprehend the electronic parking ticket meter – I sat in the cabin of the Aviator happily awaiting the patient. I listened to the awakening postulates of FOX NEWS commentators upon the decline of the American way of life. The bi-partisanship expressed by President Biden didn’t make it through twenty-four hours! Bill Reilly punctuated the illogical thesis of the previous speaker by warning the need to invest in gold before the economy collapses!

Just over an hour later we were smugly and snuggly repositioned en route to Almonte. The medical affair had by all account been a success though naturally we await the professional analysis. A dutiful tour of a local grocery store – and a requisite car wash – completed the day’s agenda before settling into the trough in the undeniable serenity of home. Soon we assigned ourselves to an afternoon nap.