Wind from the south

All day we’ve experienced high winds from the south – currently clocking at 43 km/hr. Strangely the forecast tomorrow is a ten degree drop in temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I would have thought it would be the other way round considering the direction of the wind. After tomorrow however the temperature begins to climb to a more seasonal 79 degrees Fahrenheit. All of us who chose to lounge in the intense sun by the pool today remarked upon the high wind naturally. We patently thrilled to the fury of the wind. It is nature’s drama.

The tempestuous balmy wind cleansed the passages of the mind. It and the swirling palm fronds invoked subtropical images of idleness and gentleness. One luxuriates in the benign atmosphere. What precisely it is within the undercurrents of one’s being that propels the imagination amid this placidity is difficult to identify. Its effect though engaging is far too soporific.

I was reminded of the conviction of northerners to escape the snow when at the grocery store this afternoon I encountered a fellow Canadian. She looked uncommonly buoyant for a mid-winter Canadian, clad in fragile clothing, proclaiming her achievement.