You just never know…

When I awoke this morning I had little more on my mind than a mid-morning appointment for spinal decompression at the chiropractor’s office. I certainly didn’t imagine I would be moved to philosophic proclamation. I was very much mistaken. There were just so many desirable evolutions today that by late afternoon as I sought to recover my equilibrium and prepare my evening meal I found myself static in the kitchen, wet paper towel in hand, staring at the floor, pondering the scope of what had so agreeably transpired.

Things went swimmingly throughout the entire day. Taking care of my back was only the first. Afterwards there was brief grocery shopping expedition at Publix. There I got four superb filets mignons, importantly already cooked. Thus inspired we afterwards motored across the bridge into Sarasota on South Tamiami Trail – twice actually, first to buy a pair of Dickies painter pants at Sherwin Williams and also shoes at an Amish SAS outlet; later to collect my new prescription glasses. All the purchases were satisfying because they reflected precisely what we wanted, no accommodation. And equally importantly the people at the stores we visited were a pleasure to deal with.

The further supplement while on Tamiami Trail was getting the car washed at Tommy’s Express Car Wash which has only recently opened, and a very modern and efficient facility it is.

When at last I returned home after the second visit to Sarasota I was able to fill the gas tank of the car without a moment’s hesitation. Small point I know but illustrative of the smooth sailing that characterized the entire day. I can’t overlook the enquiry I made of the gas station cashier about the Spanish music being played on a public speaker. He told me the singer was Romeo Santos. When I asked how he identified the performer so quickly, he told me he is Dominican. I intend to ask Mr. Apple for an example of the music.

The clincher of my day’s very sustaining activities was an email from a friend in which she advised that she and her husband have contracted to buy two Shih Tzu puppies for delivery on December 20th! I understood her enthusiasm. It is an important decision, life altering in fact. While it is certainly not a project I would consider undertaking, if I were more of a home-body it would be a different story. Dogs are terrific company especially for us older folks. But it is a highly restrictive choice.

But the superlatives did not end there. When I was returning to the car to store the shopping cart in the trunk, my mobile phone rang. It was a chap (Ryan) from the maintenance department of the estate agent’s office. He was calling about replacing the burned-out fluorescent bulbs in the second bathroom. What made his call particularly significant is that he is a credit to the estate agency. Ryan is a carry-over from Michael Saunders Real Estate with which we dealt satisfactorily in the past. They sold their vacation rental division to the current agency, Gulf Coast.