10-Day Forecast

The dawning spectacle of another quintessential day on Key Largo heightens the partiality of the staunchest Calvinist on this vivid albeit sterile Sunday morning. Nothing absolutely nothing above but blue sky, the kind that bleaches on the periphery. Within this implacable ether melds the very brookable tropical costume of white linen and silken synthetic shorts, unpretentious levity and pragmatism. Some pomade to complete the preparation, to straighten the limits, to adjust the chaos, to compose the artistry of one’s being. The hour is yet so early on the Sabbath that there is no disturbance to my propitious agenda of indolence.

The windows are set ajar to allow the balmy air to subdue the former frigid atmosphere, to welcome the rising commotion of the local inhabitants, some awakening from last night’s midnight revelry, overlooking the marine canal and bobbing boats, the recollection of the sonorous glee in the darkness now fading in the morning steely light.

Soon the faithful shall begin to claim their afternoon resort at one of the three pools of Buttonwood Bay, normally the one closest one’s residence (but not necessarily so). Golf carts abound. It’s President Day weekend so the shift from Matins to modus operandi is rapid and undeterred. Already we who linger like seasoned beasts by this oasis of refreshment are beginning to contemplate withdrawal and return to our native habitat. Until then however our focus is upon the salubrious present, the purely subtropical medium into which we willingly evaporate conscripted by the inescapable mystique of wavering palm trees and the sounds of exotic birds, the iguana and the orchids.

The noonday sun mounts astronomically to the centre of the universe spilling its blistering radiance upon the herd below. An isolated cloud is welcome to exhaust the showering heat. But the respite is fleeting, returning at a rate of knots to the vaulted atmosphere amid an unseen oceanic wind from the southeast. Midday at 78ºF uniform heat and unhindered sun until sunset today at 6:18 pm.


Government officials and state and party media from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) routinely amplify Kremlin propaganda, conspiracy theories, and disinformation. This amplification rationalizes President Putin’s unjustified and unprovoked war against Ukraine while undermining trust in the United States and other countries, democratic institutions, and independent media.

In the context of great power competition, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Early into the war, statements by Chinese officials often aligned with Russian talking points criticizing the United States on the issue of Ukraine.