2633 Calibogue Club Place, Hilton Head Island

If I could just locate the telephone I’d say we’d done a pretty good job of getting ourselves settled in this new place, what is to be our home for the next three months. The only oddity is that the stemware and dishes have seemingly consumed every bit of usable cupboard space in the kitchen. There is without a word of a lie absolutely no room for alimentary provisions!  Nothing!  Judging by the contents of the kitchen cupboards, you’d think the only thing people here ever did was drink!  There are glasses upon glasses!  We’ll have to rearrange things in the morning.  Other than that, however, all is well.  Our nocturnal digs are in order, the location of the loos has been mapped out, the computing devices (MacBook Pros, iPads, Bose SoundLinks and Neat scanner) have all been connected to WiFi and we’ve each established our respective perches for typing and surfing the internet.  Of course traditional furniture does not lend itself conveniently to typing on a computer (the antique-style desks are too high) so I pilfered two flat-ish pillows from the living area to prop myself up on the equally preposterous swivel leather chair in front of the desk.  I am thinking it will work out quite favourably!

Before locking the front door for the evening we detoured to Harris Teeter to stock the larder. In addition to all the required provisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a healthful balance of fruit and vegetables, we also collected the standard household items required to sustain a home.  Getting comfortable here for the winter feels rather like an artist commencing a new painting, laying the primary foundation before indulging in the fine strokes of the project.  The bikes were relocated here from our former haunt.  We have our own parking on the private driveway in front of the house so access is immediate and unimpeded.  The tennis court and swimming pool (with chaises longues for lounging in the afternoon sun) are located across the street in this secluded enclave.


We have now passed our first night here.  My bed was satisfactory though it initially appeared to be soft.  The bed is high off the floor; one must literally climb into bed.  As is my custom I stole extra pillows from the third bedroom. During the night on a visit to the loo I stubbed my toe on the entrance to bathroom.  There is a strip of marble between the bathroom and the hallway.  The little details to which one must adjust!

The spacious living area is a bit of a goldfish bowl as there are no curtains on the four patio doors which lead onto the deck overlooking the lagoon.  At this time of year (off-season) it really matters very little in any event though I find it strange not to be able to draw draperies at night.  I have happily discovered this morning that I needn’t close the French doors on my upstairs bedroom as there is no possibility of seeing the room from outside.  From the little balcony I can see the nearby lagoon.

When I awoke this morning I unpacked and put away my clothing.  The suitcases have been set aside for hibernation in the large walk-in closet.  I also rearranged a couple of pieces of furniture to accommodate a more utilitarian approach to interior decorating.

This morning we have both been puttering with our SoundLink devices.  It is a sign of the times that we have so many devices to connect to complete our installation.  This would have been unheard of years ago.  The only thing I carried then was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.  Something like creative writing was put on hold in those days.

Today we’ll have to discover the most expedient route from here to the beach, organizing the necessary pit stops along the way.  I want to investigate the pool as well to determine whether it catches the afternoon light for sun bathing.

This is the last day of November.  I attach some significance to tomorrow’s date, December 1st, because it will mark the beginning of our scheduled three months on Hilton Head Island before we depart for Jekyll Island.  I am anxious to produce during the upcoming period something in the nature of a “work” which characterizes the time spent here.  I have thought about creating a character “Spin A. Kerr” to play upon the nautical theme I enjoy but I concede I haven’t enough knowledge about sailing or any other Maritime matters to make the account authentic.  I keep coming back to a less flattering decision to relate my own humble thoughts about the Island rather than attempting to manufacture fictional reports.  It should make the task at least theoretically easier.

For breakfast this morning I prepared two eggs over easy, smoked salmon, black berries and some hard cheese, complemented by an English muffin with salted butter, Harris Teeter peanut butter and organic honey.

We’re about to inaugurate our first day here!  Off we go!  After checking the outdoor temperature I have swapped my track pants for shorts.  It promises to be warm!