A day at the beach

Though the 18 km/h wind was from the west today, I early resolved to cycle along the beach from Coligny Beach Park against the wind in order to have the blazing sun in my face and the wind in my hair. Besides, because the high tide was at 01:32 PM and that was about the time I’d be venturing onto the beach, I proposed to recline on the sand just beyond the crowds for an hour as usual.  During that time I could await the partial descent of the tide from its peak. It was in this happy pluck that I began my ride.

There were people both young and old swimming in the ocean again today. The yearning to do the same is percolating within me. Although we have a private swimming pool across the lane from our apartment building I much prefer the ocean.  I can’t say it is the salt water particularly; I am not always certain I can taste it on my lips. But the force of the waves and the vastness of the ocean afford an incalculable experience. For the time being I’ll amuse myself to explore the temptation more fully.  Perhaps I shall begin by sporting my Speedo black shorts instead of my khaki cotton Old Navy shorts. Then if the vital spark moves me I shall at least be prepared. It is all part of the unfolding rhythm of clothing. Slowly we are stripping away socks and sweaters.  The remaining necessities of smalls, shorts and golf shirts make for a very convenient wardrobe.  It is one we anticipate to be our sole outfit next year at this time when we stay on Key Largo. The bother of packing outfits for cooler weather will be avoided. We have clothing here which we’ve never worn because the winter was unpredictably temperate compared to what we’ve endured in the past.