Apple Pie Order!

I have had today what easily rates as a gratifying day! It was hot and humid with a blazing sun and clear blue sky. Not everyone’s favourite yet oddly tolerable for me.  Things just happened today and nothing obstructed the aimlessness. It seems only fit that I should recall an expression from the salad days of my youth!  Apple pie order!  If memory serves me properly it was something Joseph Conrad wrote between character lines in Heart of Darkness. Conrad had to have been less inspiring at the time than J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye yet both are memorable, certainly a retrospective tribute.

How then to characterize the day more completely? The agenda was clearly so diminutive as to be almost forgettable. It was the ritual performance of bicycling, sun bathing, grocery shopping and motor vehicle dalliance. Yet as I say all accomplished with remarkable dexterity and little if any hindrance. It is pleasant just to erase the congestion in life! Certainly in my moderate circumstances there is virtually nothing about which to bleat. Nonetheless a complete evaporation of murk is from time to time a welcome superlative.

Meanwhile my email Inbox is packed with global accounts of conflict and American controversy within themselves about everything.

Featured image by Daniel Laprès, Barrister &c., Paris, France