August 1st, 2023

The start of a new month such as today on Tuesday, August 1st is in this instance notably more distinguishable not for its date at the beginning of the month (and all that that entails for those of you inclined to rejuvenation and purgatory) but rather for the uncommonly cool weather we’re having. Naturally I hesitate to utter the word autumnal. But admittedly the thought had raced across my mind.

When I started out this morning, after a sleepless night of neuropathy, knee surgery jerks and general stewing, I got myself myself in order (read: bathed and nourished) then cycled precisely 4.00 Km (0:41:01 minutes and 58 CAL) throughout the neighbourhood before heading to my new car wash (Halo Car Wash®) in Stittsville. My regiment was unfolding as it should!

But first a stop at Petro-Canada for some gas to fill up the car.  A subsequent casual inquiry at the inside front desk revealed there was nothing further to report concerning the recovery and stability of Petro-Canada from what is alleged to have been a foreign government cyber attack.  I nonetheless proceeded to the car wash to see what if anything had changed on the electronic menu there.  There was in fact a material change. The screen now showed (after tapping my car wash card) that there were 22 days left on the card. The intelligence from the system is questionable (as I know it to be in this case). So for the time being I’m hanging onto whatever Petro-Canada stuff I have here or on the internet.  Bringing that to a close will be a journey!

Naturally all of this was conjoined with the mandatory car wash. Through which I then proceeded. And immediately thereafter I headed to Halo Car Wash® (located only next door) to do the same.  My car wash cards at both Petro-Canada and Halo Car Wash® are now operative. At Halo Car Wash® I was greeted by an assembly of the youthful employees, one of whom (a strawberry blond fellow) strangely enquired whether I were a lawyer. When I answered yes, he said a customer had approached the staff and referred to his “Lincoln lawyer” as having recommended the place. Whether the connection is to me or not I shall never know but it all made for a cheerful start of the process. It was then, when putting the car onto the mobile platforms into the wash that I noticed the huge screen commanding Neutral and No Brakes contained my name, “L. G. William” in its welcome! I suspect this is a direct absorption of the tiny sticker glued to my windshield. But it’s a nice touch.

Normally I would have concluded the afternoon at my desk.  Instead I sat in the sun on the balcony.  My neighbour DM beaconed me from her adjacent balcony.  She whispered she had something for us.  It turned out to be a homemade coffee cake which DM momentarily delivered and which we later enjoyed after our evening meal.  The cake was divine!  We especially remarked its substantial and moist quality and the crisp sweet shell.

Following our congregation with DM I regained my place on the balcony.  On a whim I decided to call the nail salon to arrange a mani/pedi.  They booked me for 5:15 pm. It wasn’t until six o’clock or later that they finally positioned a manicurist before me.  Meanwhile the entire audience of employees and customers were treated to what appeared to be customary behaviour from the Logan, the infant child of the owner. At one point he nestled beside his mother and howled mournfully about a colouring book. Eventually he ended upon his plastic fire engine which he pedalled about the salon before exiting onto the adoining parking lot with Olivia, his elder (8 years old) cousin who earlier had been the one to turn on the warm water bath for my feet.  Even the grandfather of the owner was in evidence, primarily surveying the entirety.

Initially when I was at the gas station and car wash in Stittsville I had contemplated getting spruced up at the Sports Clips hair salon but that was a purification and elevation which had to wait. I unwittingly missed the opportunity! But my approach to perfection ever increases! Let’s start from the beginning!