Back to normal

Lately there has been a current of events which have disturbed the resonance of normal activity – not the least of which as you know is the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally there have been other more personal obstructions along the way, some important, others just irritating, but all engaging, time-consuming and disruptive. Regaining one’s balance and reverberation is at times a wearing enterprise. When stability is fortuitously restored, it’s heavenly! This stimulating environment is I am certain fed by a number of branches of a larger resource. It may be the weather, a lovely summer day. It may be turning the corner on trifling daily necessities. It may be a friendly banter with an acquaintance when out for a walk or a bicycle ride. It may be the start of a diet or the end of an era. We each have these milestones of one degree or another in our daily lives – and when we’ve reached one or more of them things begin to return to normal.

The epiphany is not assured to make or inspire any particular celebratory trait. It may be like wetting yourself in a dark blue suit; viz., a nice warm feeling and no one notices. But certainly within one’s network of vulnerability there is a positive reaction. It is like a warm wave of cobalt-coloured water on a white sandy beach. It is like awakening from an unexpected nap in the sunshine while resting in a garden chair. It is like tasty some exotic red fruit drink from Africa for the first time. It’s like getting back to normal.

There is no point attempting to maintain this very desirable state of normality. Life has its own governing agenda, one which overrides all else and is guaranteed to set its own marker stones on the side of the road. Until we are overtaken by those roadside markers, it’s smooth sailing! Nature serendipitously affords us a measure of tranquillity from time to time. And just as naturally we take it when we can! Like a cat sprawling on the floor in the afternoon sunshine, unconscious of any necessity or obligation.

This morning when performing my constitutional bicycle ride of 5 km throughout the neighbourhood I encountered two lovely ladies whom I know walking on the sidewalk, taking in the brilliant morning airs with gusto on Victoria Day. We’re all of an age.  It wasn’t more than seconds before the conviction arose to capture the best of what passes our way when we can.