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Are you safe from the fires? Been thinking about you.

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Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Almonte, Ontario

Hello, Rocci!

Thank-you for your email, always a delight hearing from you.  I trust you are well and that any prevailing ailments are little more than expected collateral to old fogeys for whom the only analgesic required is Tylenol Arthritis.  How did we get to this placidity from those boisterous youths we were on Cape Cod Bay so many, many years ago along Atlantic Avenue where once trod Paul Revere? Nearby Bradford House, a sweet shop, an art gallery and of course the Boatslip Resort and Beach Club. The variety was inexpressible!

In answer to your question, we’ve survived the fires though the sky was murky for several days. The photo attached I took off our apartment balcony a moment ago. I am about to begin my daily ritual of writing.  My desk is immediately adjacent the drawing room windows (which are floor to ceiling) overlooking the balcony. Accompanying me on my right is a mug of chilled black coffee made earlier this morning and set aside in the ‘fridge until now.  Also I took 1 ml of Divvy THC (20:20 Cannibis Oil). Its CBD and soporific qualities are noticeable without laughable impairment.

When I mention my daily ritual of writing, there is practically nothing I now do which is not part of a ritual.  A shameful confession I know. For example, after I attempted to move about on my new tricycle mid-morning following my customary steel cut oats and fruit (Okay – and a very small donut – almost clinical in size, reminiscent of an artistic rendition of intemperance), I drove the car into the nearby city to have it washed.  I particularly enjoy the undulating ribbon of highway from Carleton Place to Stittsville, for which we have to thank our former member of provincial parliament Norm Sterling.

The attempt earlier this morning on the tricycle was actually my second since I purchased it from a neighbour who – within weeks of buying the tricycle – decided she’d prefer an electric tricycle instead. It was a completely serendipitous collusion on our part because getting a tricycle was high on my list of objectives upon our return home to Canada on April 27th last.  In Key Largo I had a 1-gear Sun tricycle which satisfied my needs at sea level. But I knew I wanted something with 7-gears minimum (don’t ask me why I knew 7 as apposed to 6 or 9). Plus my local bike guy expressed a high regard of the tricycle so that alone was sufficient to persaude me towards the EVO Latitude Adult Trike.

Getting onto the tricycle this morning was not impossible. I was able to mount my left leg onto the pedal, but it was quickly apparent that accomplishing a full circle was yet painful following my knee replacement surgery.  Though I was naurally disasspointed not yet to be able to cycle, it was a fruitful reminder of how passionate I am doing so.  I didn’t want to risk any damage to the knee by pushing the boundaries too far at this stage.  My understanding it will be a full six weeks before recovery is within the narrative. Because cycling is about the only movement I get throughout the day I am anxious to expedite recovery.


PS Please remember me to John when you’re next talking.

L. G. William Chapman, B.A., LL.B.
Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public (ret’d)

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