Today we collected from my sister and her husband two unwanted Driade chairs which they had recently inherited among others (two of which they’ve kept for themselves).  My brother-in-law generously took upon himself the task of preparing the furniture by meticulously cleaning the chairs top-to-bottom to remove the taint of the passage of time. We have since managed to get the chairs safely home from the city and into our apartment. They are a decided hit in our modern digs. And relaxing too.  Make no mistake, the bijou size requires no accommodation.

The history of Driade in early years is strictly bound to italian design, embracing the professional certainty of Giotto Stoppino and Rodolfo Bonetto, the moral revolution of Enzo Mari, the artistic and behavioural revolution of Nanda Vigo, the classic perfection of Massimo and Lella Vignelli, and the young brashness of De Pas – D’Urbino – Lomazzi.

One need hardly mention the utter distinction one derives from the erstwhile platitude of sitting. It is a banality I confess has acquired more than its usual scrutiny following our move into the apartment.  We were obliged to unload most of our large “comfortable” furnishings as we “downsized” to the newly constructed residence. The paramount theme which insinuates our remaining furnishings is the combination of utility and size. The Driade chairs fit the bill. I shall spare you, my dear Reader, the surplusage of my collation of space, geometry, location, colour and texture, those essentials of interior decoration. Suffice to say we’re thrilling to all the usual persuasion of new stuff without the burden of subscription or misadventure.

By coinidence upon our return home this afternoon we encountered our neighbour who introduced us to similar new features she had lately acquired to complete the decoration of her place. It pleases me to discover the singularity of decoration, as one would expect though it is I find always an awakening. From what I know the architect modeled each of the units differently so the variety of interior decoration makes for a suitable colloquy.