Collage – Perception

Won’t you wish to come with me
Adjoining little gems I see
That occupy me while I be
Agonizing willingly.

Agonizing restraint of thought
Those nasty little things I’ve got
That filter through my brain a lot
Entreatingly besought.

An evening spent in plain regard
Of river, fields and birds at large
The waxing space of sun’s petard
Disassembling its own retard.

I’ve learned to catch the airy tale
Of famer’s fields and valley dales
The erstwhile hidden illusive vales
Perspicuously detailed.

I haven’t time for further bent
That once would have me so repent
For contiguous and languorous dissent
Accommodating what now is spent.

The only change I since perceive
Is one from which I won’t relieve
A tidy stint I’ll surely retrieve
Astonishingly so I do believe.

The alteration of the static plane
A perceptual mimic without disdain
Its colourful glance is living fame
Restoring life and gems again.