Coming up for air!

My first inclination was to talk about the improving alterations which have recently affected my life. Then it occurred to me that the currency of my affairs is hardly much different from the past – at least that is when estimating my accomplishments. The indicia of repetition are perhaps painfully evident. Certainly there is no denying the natural declension from which we all suffer in one way or another – and the indescribable gusto emanating from an unpredicted triumph.  The truth is that the stability or turbulence of our inner mechanism very much govern our behaviour and the ensuing chronicle of things. Naturally an element of this propulsion is the inescapable feature that some days are more breezy than others. Today was just such a day – one which was blithely of the more persuasive character.

Admittedly I wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about life as I lay in bed this morning struggling to discover whether I were able to “crack” my lower back sufficiently to release whatever muscular or neurological perversion haunts my motor skills. When to my delight the pain wasn’t unendurable I found myself uncommonly motivated to spring from the lair! And so I did! Granted the transformation from my twisted limbs ensnared among the twisted bedsheets was less dynamic than I might have preferred. Nonetheless my projection into the world of affairs was hastened by the judicious addition of both prescription and over-the-counter drugs – my morning tonic so to speak. Oh, the soothing effect of Tylenol Arthritis 650 mg!

If a confession were in order then I relinquish accordingly. In this sometimes mad world an irrepressible ebullience frequently surrounds those so-called “toys of men and boys“.  Clearly the inflection is designed to quell the smugness to which some are drawn. For my part the balmy summer day was the ideal palette upon which to display my passion for open-air travel! I am quite mesmerized by the adventure which mysteriously arises from a windy voyage in the buggy along an open highway.

No doubt one of the ingredients of today’s verve was the sudden freedom from appointment or undertaking.  Though I ended frequenting “The Beckwith Bakery” – and I didn’t skimp on the provisions from either cooler sweet or savoury  –  there was no obligation to do so.  Rather the acquaintance was both instinctive and unhampered by duty or necessity. I mention this only to capture the fluidity of the day.