Contemplating the transition

We’ve found ourselves in a travel turmoil. Our formerly scheduled 5-month winter sojourn on Key Largo has been overtaken by fortune; in our case, misfortune.  The landlord of the place we had rented has decided to sell and, presumably as a result, not to extend our contract for another year. This stunning (though admittedly not entirely unanticipated) reversal of plans has caused more than one precipitous action on our part. In our haste to reconfigure this once palatable hibernation we may have moved more quickly than judicious. Whatever the appropriate dance steps attending this particular waltz, we’ve somehow landed back upon what for us has always been reliable territory; viz., Hilton Head Island. I don’t however think we were prepared for what evolved. Unimaginably the upcoming season there appears to be largely (if indeed not exclusively) already booked. We therefore chose to proceed with accommodation (if I may characterize our abrupt consolation as such). I congratulate Mrs. Gail Edmonds, Estate Agent of Destination Vacation for her unsurpassable assistance.

Amid this fracas you would be forgiven for imagining that there is limitless intelligence and foresight to be garnered from a gypsy such as my erstwhile physician who I can safely account without fear of contradiction has been around the world more times than I care to speculate. There are however seemingly insurmountable barriers to the transition.  Indeed after having spent a useful and productive afternoon today with my friend by his pool chatting about possibilities, I confess that my intolerance for adjustment generally (read: narrow minded) has persuaded me no further than the direction in which I was already headed. Yes, my friend and I had some frivolity by including world class cruises for $65,000 per person, but our more realistic discussions involving keeping our feet on land and our heads out of the sky have been less productive.

The delectable part of this otherwise forbidding contraction is the awakening variety of travel options. Suddenly life is rejuvenated by endless stimulations from the world beyond. It’s Christmas all over! You’re never too young for Santa Claus!