Cool wind from the south

Though the wind is almost directly from the south at 16 km/h the temperature has dropped almost 10°F  in the past couple of hours to 64°F.  The forecast for the next week is predominantly sunny with steady temps during the first half in the low range of 60°F then climbing to near 74°F in the latter part of the 7-day cycle.  We’ve currently got several of the apartment windows open. The breeze is shifting the draperies and billowing its refreshing air throughout the apartment.

I have just returned from an 11.20 Km cycle to Tower Beach and back. I sat in one of the swinging wooden bench chairs and gazed toward the beach without actually going there.  The grey clouds had moved in and the wind was uncomfortably cool.  After yesterday’s sortie upon the beach in the sunshine I felt a break was warranted. It does however require considerable influence for me to forgo the beach under any conditions.  I love it. To me the views and the light upon the beach change continuously and aesthetically. Nothing is static or unattractive. And I never tire of snapping photographs for my subsequent “editing” hobby. I got my first camera when I was about 15 years old; that is, not an Eastman Kodak Brownie (which at an initial price of US$1 far surpassed any marketing goal) but my first “real” camera, a 35mm Agfa Silette-LK now described on ebay as “vintage”. It’s for sale for US$48 in slightly damaged condition.  Mine was seriously damaged. Somewhere in Europe (perhaps it was Stockholm) while playfully attempting to walk upon a narrow railing beside a sidewalk (and carrying my new camera in its case over my shoulder with a strap) I lost my balance. In the process I grabbed the camera strap and abruptly flung it and the camera attached to it to the ground.

When I reluctantly succumbed to buy my first iPhone I had no idea the camera would be an integral part of the device nor of my life.  Just a moment ago in fact I casually thought to examine the “portrait” setting of the camera including its various lighting features (natural, studio, contour, stage, stage mono and high-key mono). While I’ve nowhere near mastered those settings it has in any instant opened new adventures in photography. I confess that my acquaintance with all the other features of the camera have followed a similar path of inadvertence and the proverbial trial-and-error. As a medium of self-expression, photography is right up there with music and writing. Photography has succeeded to afford me a sense of purpose and ambition which I am certain I would not otherwise have in this predominantly indolent existence of mine.

With rain on the horizon tomorrow morning we’re contemplating devoting ourselves to an outing of some description, whether merely breakfast at a local marina or something more intrepid. In the past for these short ventures we’ve motored as far afield as Savannah, Georgia to the south and Kiawah Island, SC to the north. The expeditions are always meaningful and rewarding; but with old age increasingly taking a grip upon my being – with all that that entails – my interest in diversion is now more focussed upon the immediate environment. It is I am convinced as much a part of one’s unfolding experience and intellectual advancement to discover the depth of one’s domestic circumstance. Certainly part of the conviction arises from the blunt truth that lingering about home territory makes things a great deal easier in notable respects.  And it’s not as though there are not incalculable number of things to discover in our own back yard.  This morning for example I passed by the arts centre in my cavorting about town, a reminder of our experience there years ago.  That however is one of those “been there, down that” events which we have the honesty to admit.  I find my Bose headphones provide an exceedingly enjoyable listening pleasure without having to cope with a live orchestra in a public venue. And parking.

Okay, Okay, I know,  it’s just more of that stock curmudgeonly behaviour.  But you know what, C’est la vie! In spite of our extended sojourn from Canada in the United States of America we preserve the standard boundaries of activity peculiar to the masses. Just because we’re not tied to some things doesn’t mean we’ve slipped the moorings from everything! Besides I am far from having exhausted my interest in this impeccable barrier island on the North Atlantic seaboard!