Day’s End on Lands End

We at last made it to a car wash.  The residents of Hilton Head Island are well known for their adherence to vehicular maintenance. This is a social prejudice nurtured by a national history of car worship, an apostasy which I admit to embracing. Withdrawal from the perils of winter certainly helps to promote the standards of automotive cleanliness and cosmetics. Yesterday we saw a lumbering Rolls Royce wending about a traffic circle on Lighthouse Road near Harbour Town golf links.

And today while bicycling at Lands End I spotted what to me at first appeared to be a shiny red Chevrolet Corvette but which, when it later passed me on Sea Pines Drive, seemed instead to be a Lexus.

Notwithstanding all this local sheet metal competition I continue to be exceedingly pleased with my little Cadillac XT4. In spite of its modest dimensions and 4-cylinders it proves time and again to be endurable and capable.  At this stage of my life anything further would be extraordinary and superfluous.

Getting the car washed today proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. At first we went inside the central office to ask about monthly subscription. We were told to address the clerk at the entrance gate. At the entrance gate the clerk instructed me upon the available options, quickly adding that the first month cost $10 only.  In the same breath he advised that locals seemingly refuse to accept the offer for unspecified reasons.  Upon reflection I can only conclude that the wolf in sheep’s clothing is that the car wash “membership” is renewable automatically every thirty days unless the subscription is revoked not less than seven days prior to the end of the subscription.  I suspect too that the retail supplier is aware that most people will forget to cancel in a timely fashion; or, they will overlook the fine print that the renewal is at the then current rate of membership which predictably is calculated to be more than the introductory ten dollar charge.  The clerk was adamant about the obligation to cancel when required to avoid the penalty of contractural renewal. We were so impressed with the frankness of the clerk that we gave him a $20 tip. And contemporaneously in response to his dog whistle we entered upon our diary to cancel the subscription as required (which parenthetically coincides almost precisely with our retreat from the island). I know from my experience back home with Halo Car Wash™ that the normal 3-month subscription is not automatically renewable, a prescription which many people find to be otherwise offensive. In any event the economic exposure is hardly catastrophic; but as I learned long ago when practicing law, you’ll get more honour and glory saving your client the cost of a parking ticket than defeating a shot-gun clause in a partnership agreement.  In short it isn’t the largess or status of the incongruity which is defeated that pleases people; rather it is the mere sense of having escaped being duped or misconstrued.

Late this morning our estate agent called to suggest an available booking for next year. The proposed unit happens to be part of South Beach Club where we now reside.  We checked it out. While it was unequivocally attractive it did not suit our wishes for a number of reasons. I think we’ve become spoiled by our current digs which we consider inexpressibly comfortable.

Once again the elixir of Hilton Head Island is working its magic to turn wretchedness to gold.

ORIGIN late Middle English: via medieval Latin from Arabic al-‘iksīr, from al the + ‘iksīr from Greek xērion powder for drying wounds (from xēros dry).

Today’s cloudless azure sky and refreshing breeze were nonpareil. I gratified myself to accomplish 4.03 MI Outdoor Cycle. This petty accomplishment followed an exceedingly delicious bowl of organic quick-cook steel cut oats for breakfast along with a sliced Granny apple. And then this evening, after a plate of hors d’oeuvres including Rocquefort cheese and ripe olives, we tucked into a discerning combination of salmon, sweet potatoe and leafy lettuce salad. Oh, and I forgot, the Key Lime pie and fresh fruit dessert!  Really, can it possibly get any better!