Frailty is a condition associated with ageing and it has been recognized for centuries. It is a marker of a more widespread syndrome of frailty, with associated weakness, slowing, decreased energy, lower activity, and, when severe, unintended weight loss. As a frequent clinical syndrome in the elderly, various health risks are linked to health deterioration and frailty in older age, such as falls, disability, hospitalization, and mortality. Generally, frailty refers to older adults who lose independence. It also links to the experiences of losing dignity due to social and emotional isolation risk. Frailty has been identified as a risk factor for the development of dementia.

Well thanks for that!  Bit of a bracer to be certain! However only moments ago after having purchased 4 bottles of Omega CBD 50 Softgels from Spiritleaf Stittsville (conveniently close the car wash) and six homemade chocolate chips cookies (they’re huge!) from the Almonte Butcher, there is little risk of unintended weight loss. Without the additives on the other hand the pain is positively pestiferous. Pain as you may know blunts everything.  It’s the most uncompromising ailment. Without the pain I feel I could endure far more. But here’s the thing, I am uncertain whether the CBD stuff does me any good at all. Or, more potently, whether it does anything to improve upon Tylenol Arthritis. The formula gets especially complicated because it is ritually mid-afternoon that I fully address this nagging issue of pain. The reason? At noon (like clockwork let me assure you) I take my mid-day dose of Tylenol Arthritis (which normally would be the first time since 2:00 am that I had done so). Yet oddly even by 4:00 pm when I am customarily returning from my afternoon constitutionals it isn’t until I have had my sliced green apple, 5-year old cheddar cheese and chilled pressed coffee (with a soft gel of CBD)  that I feel anything approaching vivacity or intolerance. Perhaps my habit of tricycling in the garage (my gymnasium) wears me down in the morning; whereas the espresso coffee in the afternoon after my car ride awakens me. Or maybe it’s conducting my routine throughout the spectrum that placates me. Or the view from my desk that tempers me. In short one hardly knows whether it works or not, that old palliative yarn. Yet I suppose that whether legitimate or not, if the inclination is there, well so much the better. In any event I have yet to abandon the possible extraneous expense, preferring instead to opt for the “better safe than sorry” model.

As part of what I am certain is no more than an evolving daily catharsis, I have apparently conditioned myself to react favourably in particular to the emanations from two o’clock pm onward. I think you’ll agree it is a civilized time of the day (none of that vulgar early morning buoyancy); and, if the weather were adventitious (that is, sunny and clear), then the matter is settled. By late afternoon, the sun has rounded the southern end of the building and thereafter projects famously upriver over the Old Town Hall, glancing across the remote (now cultivated) fields with their arithmetic rows of precision. Soothed by whatever analgesic, authentic or not, the scene from the bow of the ship upriver is incomparable. Though I almost hesitate to say that these summer months are a notable ingredient. Yet just when we’re falling in love with the season, we welcome the change to another.  We’re just a greedy lot!  Never satisfied. Always preferring the least painful axiom.