Dithering about

When I awoke this morning and narrowly spied the margin of yellow sunlight glaring through the bedroom shutters I instinctively felt as though I had overslept as I have lately done following our long road journey of 2,800 Kms from Canada to Key Largo. To my gleeful astonishment it was only 8:30 am. My communion with the real world has traditionally begun with the sound of an alarm which by the way since retirement and downsizing I no longer possess. It pleased me I hadn’t frazzled the critical morning hours of the day. In keeping with my fecundated boarding school habit I made my bed, discharged to the laundry basket whatever clothes were laying about then began a punishing waddle to the bathroom for a shower (this business of arthritis is serious let me tell you).

By 10:30 am the breakfast plate and utensils were in the dishwasher.  After brushing my teeth I primed to meet the world; which is to say, I grabbed my stick and headed to the front door outside of which was conveniently stored my new Sun tricycle (Christmas came early for me this year). Today’s cycling project was by design a repeat of yesterday’s outing, basically a tour about the compound from one end to the other and the island in between in all about 4 Kms. I haven’t yet familiarized myself sufficiently with the manipulation of the tricycle to warrant an attack upon a more adventurous scope although I hope to do so.

Adjacent Tennis Court No. 4 is my swimming pool of choice (there are three in total). I parked my tricycle and hobbled with my stick to the chaise longue nearest the steps leading into the pool. As I approached my target I shifted my direction.  Instead I first secured a deck chair which I find more accessible than the chaise longue for purposes of disrobing and stashing personal effects. This accomplished I prostrated myself upon the lounge chair and instantly melded with the dry furnace rays of the sun.

One must be cautious of the Florida sunshine. My daily habit when home of catching the rays on the garden patio is comparatively an exaggerated affair. Here however anything more than 45 minutes is excessive. Accordingly I transitioned from my state of indolence to a swim in the pool, strategically positioning my stick against the handrail. There was no one else by the pool, a common reflection of Florida inactivity before Christmas and the start of the season in the new year. It is a liberty soon to be withdrawn or overtaken. Meanwhile I shall indulge myself in hopes of burnishing my hide sufficiently to limit the future necessity of prolonged lounging. Make no mistake, I am intent upon activating whatever cells within me respond to the sunshine. Beyond that ambition I am anxious to investigate the side roads of the Overseas Highway which is the spine of Key Largo. My faltering is thus ephemeral.