Eighty degrees on the Florida Keys

At 7:30 am this morning when we drove off New Smyrna Beach through the pink daylight sky the temperature was hovering around 60°F. Hours later as we soared off the Florida Turnpike onto the Overseas Highway towards Key Largo the thermometer had jumped to over 80°F. The sense of wilting and softening was instantaneous! My mind was as speedily absorbed in the fiction of moving to a subtropical climate permanently; and as rapidly acknowledging the allure of the South Pacific to our ancient friends who have done precisely that!

Our immediate objective – after casing the resort – was a swim in the pool. Not unexpectedly there were already many others about the pool, occupying the most desirable chairs, umbrellas and locations. We got stuck in the shade beneath a loudspeaker playing ‘70s oldies. I had struggled to change into my swim suit but as soon as I submerged into the pool all was well.

Because we are here for only four days, we thought it wise to see what we could discover at the local Publix grocery store. Our intention was to avoid dining out and instead to fill our larder with sufficient provisions to last before our return to Hilton Head Island. I can tell you now, having finished our first evening meal, that our researches were an unqualified success. And did I mention the Keylime pie! We also enjoyed a swim in the sea before putting on the nose bag.