Expunge the contaminant!

The relief worldwide is palpable! No sooner did we ring off a celebratory call to American friends in Wisconsin than other friends emailed from Maine with the succinct observation, “Amen!” Though it is extraordinary to react with such universal liberation it is nonetheless an inarguable achievement to restore society to an elevated and less hostile agenda.  Getting rid of Trump, his grovelling family and the sycophants who have licked his boots for the past four years is like unplugging a blocked toilet. The stench will no doubt linger momentarily but eventually it will be exhausted and carried away like any other windblown contaminate.

Though I thrill at the thought of Kamala Harris rejoicing in her historic success, the prospect of what awaits the new administration is more solemn. It is likewise impossible in this instance to expect Trump and his gang will depart without cheap grandstanding and bombast. The dedication of so-called liberals will survive Trump’s tarsome hesitancy to depart; they at least have the sustaining privilege of devotion to a cause other than themselves.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Essentially the show is over.  Yesterday I was astounded to hear a Republican hack spout that Trump’s future profession should be performance at Republican rallies – as though he were just some clown providing diversion prior the main act. Though it is a small compliment it is nonetheless fully deserved.  Some have suggested Trump and his co-performers could practice in the prison yard.

But forgive me, I shamefully lapse into the vernacular!  What matters is that spirits everywhere have at last reunited to make America great again!