Fait accompli

It isn’t often that I am quite so enthused about a retail purchase.  Even more appreciable from my perspective is that the subject of this particular immersion is an automobile, that domain of unending gravity to both the racer and the Sunday driver. What pleases me especially well in this instance is what I perceive to be a fruitful combination of size (and style), manufacturer and price.

Like so many things in life, the fortuity about which I am invoked to write was inspired by nothing more than curiosity.  Once again today I awaited the advice of a chap about an automobile I ordered a year ago. As my patience waned, I decided early this morning to frequent another supplier just to point my nose in the direction of an alternative. It appears that the early bird quip is not without its substance!  Just as I arrived on the dealership lot a gentleman (wearing an official windbreaker) identified himself as a sales representative and instantly proceeded to answer all my questions including a short test drive of the vehicle.

I am guessing that all this transpired before 9:30 am. I drove off the lot and headed home. Half-way home I did an about face for a second look.

It spoke to me with greater gusto than at first. This was it!  The ship had arrived!

How quickly things transpire when the parties bargain agreeably which is to say not at all. I collect the new buggy on Monday next.