Floating in the sea

The impenetrable draw of the sea! There are days (albeit few of them) when I can roll by the sea on my tricycle without so much as a casual sideways glance. And then there are others such as today when an elusive magnetism fastens me to it! Nonetheless I succeeded to fulfill my cycling ambition of 5.47 Kms before succumbing to the more leisurely sport of floating on my back upon the emerald sea. After rounding the parish by the least elevated route, I turned onto the white gravel pathway towards the beach then stationed my tricycle next to the sign prohibiting golf carts beyond that point.

Throwing my striated purple and white towel over my right shoulder, and attempting to compose myself with the least appearance of decline (though all the while proud as Hades to have made it this far no matter my decomposition), I bravely gripped my stick and tottered to the picnic table where I ended sitting on the obtuse end of a bench. There was a young seemingly amorous couple sitting nearby on a blanket by the beach under the shade of a Royal Poinciana tree. I speculated they were visiting the parents of one or the other of them for the Thanksgiving holiday. They appeared to be preoccupied, mutely engaged in conversation of discernible but indescribable depth, oddly oblivious to the glistening sea in the distance. Who can imagine what might occupy a young couple? What ventures and projects might fuel those young minds on the cusp of their future together?

With a scan of the sea, and an analytic assessment of the clouds and the sun upon the water, I began to prepare for my entry.  First I removed my leather SAS boat shoes and placed them on the table beside me. Then off with the Apple Watch which I stuffed into the right shoe along with the house key and my beeswax lip balm with peppermint. Over that collection of items I cradled my large rimmed Tom Ford eyeglasses. The left shoe was reserved for my iPhone which I preposterously pushed as deeply as possible into the toe for safety purposes – as if it were required. Incrementally I am thinking that safety concerns within this gated community are unneeded. Indeed I am moderately embarrassed to be seen locking my tricycle.  Who among us is a thief? Our neighbour for example stores his bicycle outside the front door of his townhouse without further security. I have yet to graduate to that moment of truth but I suspect within the coming months I shall do so. No doubt the inhabitants here are like wolves or sharks or lawyers observing professional courtesy.

After disposing of my accessories I pulled off my Columbia fishing shirt with UV protection and partially lashed it upon the wooden extension between the bench and the picnic table though there was no wind today. My towel followed somewhere in the mix.

My measured plod through the shallow water required attention to maintain my balance. I sought to avoid any vegetation or particles of sticks upon the sandy bottom. I knew from experience that even as far out to sea as the log buoys the depth was only to my chin when touching the bottom with my toes extended. Half-way there I turned and submerged myself in the saline mixture that was instant levity and distraction! Effortlessly my body was prolongated and soon buoyed upon the surface of the sea. My weary spine was noticeably lengthened. My protuberant belly collapsed downward. I was a barque upon the sea.

I spent the next hour floating, at times face up and paddling, glaring and squinting into the blazing sunshine, at other times face down with eyes open wide to perceive the greenish water below and the faintly coloured white sandy bottom. Only once or twice did I attempt to position myself upright. The buoyancy fought against me, returning me to welcome lassitude. It later proved to have been a moderate though perceptible exercise, remaining constantly buoyant and casually operating my flippers and limbs.

Meanwhile the young couple sitting by the beach ventured into the sea.  They remained in the most shallow portion of the sea, standing close to one another, continuing their intimate dialogue.  Occasionally the gentleman eyed me with what I thought to be a mixture of curiosity and interest as I swam far beyond them towards the limitless horizon and sea.