Food, Glorious Food!

We have apparently fallen victim to another addiction – food!  Perhaps it started yesterday when we succumbed to Sea Shack for lunch.  Or maybe it was days ago when I spied a pecan pie at Fresh Market.  Whatever the proximate cause, restraint went to Hell in a  handbag today! The effect was similar to that “one drink” when falling off the wagon.  When for example we cycled this morning to Fifth Avenue Salon to check the place out in anticipation of my hair appointment this afternoon, we ended by detouring to Sea Shack for lunch.  No doubt the indulgence whet my appetite because later this afternoon when I went to T.J. Maxx to buy a cheap little bathroom mirror (and I mean cheap, and really ugly – pink with rhinestones), I diverted my mission to Whole Foods Market to “inspect” their bakery department.  I believe they make their own stuff so that was the impetus to “test” the Cayenne Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.  And – oh, yes – the pecan pie.  Had I mentioned pecan pie?

It would have been useless to resist.  The devotion would have eventually overtaken us in any event.  Thankfully it was all worth it.  No regrets, none whatever.  And as testimony to the clinical force of our enquiry, there are still some cookies and pie remaining for breakfast!

The venture to Fifth Avenue Salon went equally well.  Mr. Cliff Pizzi, Proprietor looked after me.  He made me feel comfortable from the moment of my arrival, offered me a coffee or water, spent time initially chatting with me to discuss my wishes, then went to work to do what had to be done.  His expertise shone! He also introduced me to another member of his staff who provides pedicures and massage foot reflexology (a matter of particular interest to me because of my frequently numb feet). Of primary importance, Cliff did what I believe is a great job on cutting my hair.  We have agreed to promote the look I want over the next four months that I am on the Island.  Having this connection to a competent hair stylist is a welcome addition to our repertoire of professionals here and nicely completes the circle of our alliances already cultivated.