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Mr. Macko’s latest reply (which by the way causes me considerable suspicion though I cannot say exactly why). I have not pursued this line of conversation further as I do not see any profit in doing so.

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Thank you for your honest and genuine reply. You got me the other day during a time that was quite hostile. The one problems with Americans right now is that everybody is so righteous and nobody, I mean nobody, is ever wrong. The middle of the road is non existent. Both sides find them in the ditches of the road taking cover because anyone who dares come up to the side of said road is going to get totally shot down. It’s not a very happy place to be right now. One of the biggest issues is that the person that is supposed to be our leader promised “unity” and less divisiveness. Personally, I think we have gone back to a time before Civil Rights in the 60s. This administration has been all about creating a schism in any way possible on any issue at hand. I will admit Donald Trump is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination. This idea that he’s a racist is just horse feathers. Prior to his election in 2016, his corporations employed more blacks and minorities than anyone will ever give he credit for. All the rioting prior to the last election was nothing but political games to inflame tensions. It by no means was peaceful, which is what Democrats want you to believe. It wasn’t instigated by Republicans, but all Democrats. Democrat states have simply gone down the crapper. I live in one with a useless Governor, I see the crap each and every day. All of that kind of stuff went basically unpunished and was the start of a lawlessness never seen before. Not only are there crimes committed, but either they’re not prosecuted or if they are, corrupted States Attorney’s are opening the cells and letting people walk. They have no shame, no guilt, no accountability and have the gall to stand up and smile about it.

As for the last election being stolen. Yes, long and short, yes that is the case. Instead of saying stolen, I prefer to used the term influenced. We are not talking about a few votes here and there. The Democrat Governors are the ones who pushed and enacted Covid mandates. Take your choice…forced shots, forced masking, forced lockdowns. By doing that the manufactured a reason, more like an excuse, to override constitutional safeguards by creating executive orders changing all the rules on voting. No longer did a voter need to go to a polling place, provide proof of eligibility, citizenship, residence, whatever. They just went and sent out ballots via mail. The put drop boxes on corners. The counted votes 2 weeks after elections ended. All of this open ended voting went against what a fair and honest election is supposed to be. Anytime Trump was ahead in a swing state votes mysteriously showed up days after. And of course they were Biden votes. Don’t want to say it was stolen, fine. I’m ok with that. But it was definitely improperly influenced and definitely corrupted. Because the rules were changed, improperly mind you, by a group who has no regard for rules, procedures or laws.

What people outside this country don’t understand or realize, is that with a weak government with no border security, poor foreign policy, using all strategic reserves to fuel an agenda is not only a danger to us here but to any of our allies, if there are any left, around the world, near and far.

Is Donald Trump the answer ? Hell, I don’t know. But I can tell you this. 4 years ago, my life was a lot better. There was some accountability. The policies were so much better and sound. There was some law. I slept better, I was better off financially, I felt more secure and it felt like there was a future. All of that checks off in the negative box right now. The smugness and arrogance of this administration has been downright sickening. Politicians are like that anyway, it’s just these guys have taken it to a new lowest extreme. It started on day 1 and hasn’t stopped. It appears that right now there are people waking up to the puppetry going on right now. The question though, is it too late?

Agree or not, that’s your privilege. I’m not trying to win your vote. But I hope that gives you a little bit of an explanation as to the why the divide is so deep and why it is so important to all that things change, and change in a hurry.

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From: “L. G. William Chapman, BA, LLB”

June 2, 2024 at 9:23:14 PM EDT

Mr Chapman, help me out a little, because, quite frankly I’m confused as hell. I’m not quite sure what exactly is your point. Is it that you believe the trial was legit, not a farce and everything is peachy keen ? If that is the case, say it.

If you’re looking for reasons for my statements. Just look up and down the comments. I’m not barking up the wrong tree. We have a judge who was paying into Biden’s political fund. Reason for recusal. His daughter is making big Democrat political bucks up and down the line. Reason for recusal. Same judge is not allowing legitimate witnesses to testify. A DA running a campaign preaching how he is gonna get Trump…but the what do you expect a politician looking for votes in a bias area to do. We have crimes, if they are so, that are misdemeanors at best and have passed the statute of limitations at worst. If they are federal violations this should have been tried in a federal court not a state district court. Today I see that the judge isn’t even a full time, but temporary judge (whatever the hell that means) and shouldn’t have been assigned the case. I will say that terms like democracy, immigration and racism are being so overused and misused right now there is no meaning to any of it anymore.

As I’ve said time and again, I can take Trump or leave him. I know I was better off 4 years ago than I am now. The issue isn’t whether he’s guilty of whatever he supposedly did. The issue that should be beating you, and everyone else, over your head is how the court system has been bastardized and delegitimized. But then, what would you expect from an administration that promotes crime and lawlessness right down to flying the middle finger at the Supreme Court.

If you feel this is all legit, great. If you feel you are better off now than then, fine. If you think I’m full of shit, then I’m full of shit. The bottom line is that most likely I not gonna change your mind, and you’re not gonna change mine. I think in a civilized world that would be called agreeing to disagree.

I’m done

L. G. Wm. Chapman, B.A., LL.B.

Sir: Thank-you. This was helpful. It is not so much a matter of convincing myself of one argument or another (I am in Canada, a Canadian, no interest other than topical); rather, I am searching for substance to whatever it is the compels people to vote Republican. I confess I have yet to sanction how the last election was stolen; and, the mass infiltration of Congress by ruffians leaves me utterly speechless. My native wariness leads me to believe the Republicans have opted to placate the masses (who are invariably portrayed on CNN – not FOX of course – as tattooed, red haired illiterates) in return for power to overtake by oligarchy the government (essentially tax control, voting rights and social benefits). Perhaps my jaundiced wariness is as off-base as some of the Republican deep state theories but I am haunted by the adage, “Follow the money”. In any event, you are correct to observe that neither of us is likely to change the mind of the other; but a more important question in my mind, “How do Americans begin to talk with one another?” There are a LOT of Americans, and it appears that the line is split down the middle. It is unthinkable that such negativity should survive between so many people who, after a car crash, would probably ask, “Are you alright?”