gazeta de la novità “a halfpennyworth of news”

verb (with object)
announce or publish (something) in an official gazette
we will need to gazette the bill if a decision cannot be reached imminently;
a gazetted holiday;
publish the appointment of (someone) to a military or other official post
he was gazetted the Somerset Light Infantry

early 17th century via French from Italian
gazzetta originally Venetian gazeta de la novità
a halfpennyworth of news”
because the news-sheet sold for a gazeta a Venetian coin of small value

By the standard of most reasonable people it is no doubt considered a small compliment to confess one’s mundanity. This impoverishment is however the frozen situation chez moi à ce moment. I have nothing to report. I am void of novelty so to speak. There may have been a time when what I did or thought qualified for enhanced worth and maybe even some amusement or lucre; but not so au courant. Nor might I add have I either scruples or diffidence for saying so. My native optimism is speaking; that is, if I may elevate what otherwise is unrepentant smugness on my part.

mundane adjective1 lacking interest or excitement; dull: his mundane, humdrum existence. 2 of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one: according to the Shinto doctrine, spirits of the dead can act upon the mundane world. relating to or denoting the branch of astrology that deals with the prediction of earthly events.

Though I am drawn to the business about astrology and prediction of earthly events (if in the age of QAnon that counts for anything) we’re presently in an irresolute part of the bay close to shore but perpetually bobbing with the tides up and down seeming to go nowhere. I am spared in this humdrum humiliation the added jab of boredom because the opportunity patently affords me the pleasure of doing only what entertains or stimulates. Perhaps it’s a spiritual recitation of an adventurous homebody; or the more punishing reminder that “there ain’t no ship to take you away from yourself”. Whatever the provocation or nourishment, I am sate.

There is a common admiration for the young traveler. Apart from painting an idyllic image of transport reminiscent of New Age values and unconventional lifestyles, it is a philosophic model of ignorance and discovery, a wistful glance at exploration and newness. While we’re doing nothing extraordinary and we’re most certainly beyond the limits of youth, the upcoming winter sojourn will extend the boundaries and all that arises therefrom. To which naturally your question is, “What’s is all that arises therefrom?” My reply, “Wait and see!” Therein is the nub of the discourse. Unglamorous, yes; but fuelled with the exotic mindset!

I have meanwhile initially contented myself with the extravagance of avoiding a bicycle ride today. This is less a dodge than a calculated decision to allow my aging carcass to recover between adventures on the two-wheeler. Seemingly one of the consequences of repetitious cycling is the restrictive tension of one’s constituent parts. Even if my medical calculation is wrong, the 24-hour absence invariably and miraculously heightens the solemn undertaking on the following day (though presently the weather forecast for the next several days is unfavourable).

We have restored our earthly preoccupations from airy ambition by addressing a singularly incomprehensible set of instructions on our financial advisor’s website. I blame the techies!  They’re always the first to absorb the dissatisfaction when things aren’t working properly or as conveniently as our ritual demands. But, oh, what a reward upon the achievement of the goal!

Of perhaps more consequence than these trifling matters is my new-found creed that caffeine is my ruin.  It does at a minimum give new meaning to diuretic within the context of my herniated bowels. It is an association which is of no assistance to one’s decomposition or tolerance thereof. I combine this growing limitation with an incrementally persusive evaluation of 8 ounces of water on repeated occasions throughout the day.

Exploits to get oneself off either caffeine or sugar are similarly transient. I speak from personal knowledge having lately battled the consumption of carrot cake from the Antrim Truck Stop and butter tarts from Beckwith Bakery.