Good hair day!

Sometimes things just go right! I’m having one of those boundless sunny mornings where seemingly nothing can go wrong.  I removed myself from the virginal lair without a struggle – at least none surpassing the groaning gymnastic that represents my twisted departure from the high mattress to rest my aching neuropathic feet upon the precious Persian below. The bicycle ride – though as much as I could willingly tolerate this fine morning – was accomplished in good order well before 9:30 am. Perhaps afterwards it was the restoring ablutions; or maybe the divine quality of the baguette bagel with the Champfleury ripened cheese!  Or that my pants fit.  All told it’s a booms-a-daisy mood I’m in, pleased I know not why, spirited by an unqualified gusto for life.

No sooner had I said this than my iPhone screeched a COVID Emergency Alert from the Ontario government warning that a “stay-at-home order is in effect” and that one should “only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccines, exercise or work”. And in case you missed that, ‘It’s the law”.

But what they didn’t say was, “avoid sun tanning and sitting on the patio with your eyes closed” which is precisely what I did! And oh so soporific it was! Instantly that I sat upon the woven seat and faced directly into the sun an hypnosis overtook me and I dreamt.  I was outdoors, walking into a long passageway covered in green foliage.  The walkway was shrouded on either side by small verdant ivy, the tentacles of which insinuated the centre of the path, covering the grey powdery dirt. A car drove by and I regained the real world. My left limb was inert from the pressure upon my spine. I dreamt I was falling. I jerked awake and recovered my bearings.I adjusted my leg. Then I soothingly dropped back into the tangle of thoughts and blue darkness.