As soon as I have published this and after having pressed the little green button to Send to Everyone I shall delete my Substack account.

I began Substack almost exactly one year ago on March 25th as we were then preparing to leave Hilton Head Island after having spent the winter there to return to our beloved home in Mississippi Mills, Canada.

I wanted to let you, the Subscribers, know this.  And to thank-you.

Substack, while a convenient “platform” for me to broadcast my stuff with frequency, is really a retail site devoted to advertising a writer for material gain, the latter of which objective I have never embraced.  Like so many other technological creations I adapted it purely for my own immediate and alternative purposes (which in my case were experimental).

The bald truth (and most importantly) is that in the past year I have said all I can say about Key Largo and Mississippi Mills, about politics and martinis, about good and bad weather, about breakfast and bicycles and tricycles, about the sea, the ocean and the Mississippi River, about automobiles, about my past, about truth and lies.

March 19, 2023
Maine, USA

Dear Billy and Denis…

Yes, it has been an interesting run. Congratulations and a big thank you for sharing your life with us;  we learned more about you, your past, your present and your future than we ever would have.  Aside from the fact I needed to check some of your extensive vocabulary, I enjoyed getting to know you.

For the record, you are always welcome to visit in Maine, or we could meet you along the road.

Much appreciation and love to you both from an interested reader, former neighbor, and friend…