Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Our dearest Nancy, this rhyme is far from fancy,
For we have but a diffident poetic bent.
Yet rounding the 80th corner bespeaks by any order
A premium that’s truly Heaven sent!

The autumnal peal is of a sudden so real,
For you nourish as yet a flourishing zeal.
And a day such as this you can hardly resist;
It is unquestionably a heavenly reveal!

We cheerfully wager there’ll be no adventitious danger;
Nor uneven that your grandchildren Maeve and Eamon
Will as always inspire your unparalleled bounty and delight.
They symbolize Heaven’s fruition and leaven and light.

May we join with your family to say Happy Birthday!
And wish you good fortune for many years yet to come.
Now we bow on the stage of this remarkable age.
It’s truly a prize of an incalculable size, a Heavenly beneficent sum!

Bill Chapman and Denis Arial
Almonte, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, September 28th, 2023