Here we go!

Trailing his rival Biden — in some national polls by double digits — the President seemed to be grasping at last-ditch attack lines, including implying the 77-year-old Biden would not last a full term in office.

“Biden won’t be president for two months,” he baselessly claimed. “He’s not mentally capable.”

By comparison, Trump portrayed himself a picture of health, even though he is the candidate who last week struggled to breathe and required supplemental oxygen.

“I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young. And so I’m lucky in that way,” Trump said. Trump, at 74, is clinically obese and has known heart issues.

“I could’ve been out of the hospital in one day,” he added, attributing his recovery to the experimental monoclonal antibody therapy produced by Regeneron.

Yesterday I promised my dear friend Bobbie in Maine, USA I would distance myself from the Trump saga at least momentarily (he’s making her noticeably ill) and instead write about something more uplifting. I can’t do it. I simply cannot resist the allure of cable television and sudden news of Trump’s further absurdity.  Today’s mid-day news for example involves an hour-long ramble by Trump through his trumpet FOX NEWS; and, an oddly related account of a domestic private militia threatening to overtake the Governor from the state capitol in Michigan.

Governor Whitmer has been the target of multiple death threats in light of her coronavirus response efforts and decision to issue stay-at-home orders. In April, protesters and militia gathered at the state capitol for a rally, gridlocking the streets to call for Whitmer to lift her stay-at-home order.

At one point in the spring, armed protesters entered the state capitol, where it is legal to openly carry firearms, and demanded an end to Michigan’s state of emergency.

Admittedly the root of my appetite for this particular subject is neither current nor historical; that is, my interest is piqued not so much by intelligence as rather proof of mere exhaustion. In a word I am as anxious as the next fellow to see this play out! We all want it to be over with!  We yearn to awake to an America with a government “of the people and for the people“; a country proud of its accomplishments; an America with a future. Knowing that Trump is partly diminished in his perpetual annoyance and bafflegab by his own lingering illness and now the prospect that if there’s to be another presidential debate (he’s literally dying to redeem himself from the last failed performance like a top that won’t stop spinning) it’ll be “virtual“. The virtual prospect kills Trump.  His hallow utterances have no attraction with the circus crowd is empty.

Meanwhile in Canada the federal government (Liberal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) and the Ontario provincial government (Conservative, Premier Douglas Ford) have united with the Ford Motor Company and its union of employees to fund investment in the production of 5 electric cars in Oakville, Ontario near Toronto.  In addition to employing about 5,400 Canadians the manufacture will trigger products like nickel from Sudbury, Ontario and numerous other parts and commodities from local manufacturers.