Inestimable day

Sometimes things just click!  Maybe it’s no more than the fruit of a sound sleep. Or the triumph of figuring how to make your iPhone work properly. Maybe being able to transfer the organic peanut butter out of the jar onto the baguette bagel without making a mess. Or changing the bed and starting the laundry. The overnight skiff of snow having evaporated from the roadway, beaconing a refreshing bicycle ride in the strapping northerly wind. The unparalleled appeasement of a complete evacuation! Whatever it is, it’s the same world but with a new look, a state of the art feeling, a sudden proximity of views and insights. The sedentary glow of long ago memories in Montréal Est.

Settling into the complacency of life is an indisputable reward! No longer does anything matter, yet everything does. What once was at the beginning is now at the end. The things that surround us are the relics of our past, equations of addition and subtraction, division and multiplication. Polished with refinement, that distilled advantage – to evaporate and condense. How lucky we are to have gleaned something while puttering with alternatives and decisions, protecting the plates spinning atop the poles! It was undeniably a steady and wearing adventure, alighting one flower then another, assiduously making our way to Nature’s goal. The alarming recollection of how we were then prescribed! And to have succeeded with such unimaginable luck!

In the process I scrutinize life with the idleness of a monk.  The long road is about to fork, a moment to let the sunshine glare in one’s eyes without having to obstruct the way. Lead on, McDuff! Awaken zephyrs and uncalculated beings, Gods of the West Wind! If ever there were the time to rejoice…is it now that my acquaintance with the oft-trodden paths through the emerald forest is about to brighten! The calm of fulfillment overtakes me. I drift to impressions along the sea, walking on flat brown sand beside the Atlantic Ocean in a fugacious blizzard, or overlooking the swirling grey sea while mystified by the steam of hot coffee. Then with the rocketing arrow of time projected to another realm, an undulating ribbon of road through the heritage of Scottish ancestors on hard rock soil marked by concessions and quarter-sessions.

The clocks changed today. Everything is directed forward! We’re creatures mobilized by hope and ambition! The record of time has for some turned another milestone today. The sunlight tomorrow at dawn will be less brilliant but it’s a signal of what’s to come. The inexpressible magic of birth and evolution unfolds across the planet.