Insurpassable felicity

I am beleaguered to imagine a more idyllic resort than Buttonwood Bay (BWB) on Key Largo, Florida in the United States of America. Knowing as I do so many others who are exceedingly well-travelled boundlessly about the entire globe, I approach this celebrity with noticeable caution and with no immoderate hesitancy. Nor do I wish to imperil or discredit the prior judgement of others. I accept that each of our worldly preferences is the product of incalculable experiences whether empirical, emotional or psychological. I therefore willingly prefer to confess my own limitations rather than contradict those particular emanations. Though my comparisons do not for example include Bali or other similarly exotic venues nor the continents of South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand, I can however speak and adjudge with a particle of credibility by having frequented the eastern North American shore along the North Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to the Florida Keys; in Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa Brava and the French and Italian Riviera; in Mexico the North Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mayan Riviera; and, numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea.

First to address the practicality of BWB. I note for instance that the maintenance of the grounds of BWB approaches impeccable. The staff here are indisputably assiduous. Their dedication has captured the predictability of clockwork; and, proven to be equally commendable. It is my pleasure to exchange a cheery hello when crossing paths with the regular staff as I frequently do on my tricycle and they in their golf carts. Indeed sociability is a paramount ingredient of life on BWB, manifested as it is by a common acknowledgement between those motoring, walking or cycling throughout BWB. It is this distinguishing characteristic which elevates the strength of community.

Before disbanding the practical elements of BWB, it is worth mentioning that everything here proclaims convenience; viz., the pools (3), the beach and the sea, the  discrete alleys to Florida Bay punctuated around and between the townhouses, the parking, the marina inlets, the fitness room and the boating supply store. The ease of use extends to the proximity of retail conveniences, including naturally groceries and fresh products of the sea.

There is a civility which permeates BWB. It cannot be denied that many of the residents of BWB are gentlemen and ladies of a certain social standing, one acquainted with the advantages and registries of what life has serendipitously benefitted me. By the same token there is no ostentation or pretence that abounds. It is very possible that many are instead overtaken by the recognition of thankfulness for what fortuity has afforded them. The privileges of birth are here accepted as chance not destiny.