La Route Précise

Judging by the current weather forecast, today is likely one of the best for outdoor bicycling for the next week or more. Snow is on the horizon. The temperature today is just around 0°C under an azure sky. And we’re profiting from the recent cold snap and clear air so the roads are predominantly dry. Last evening we resolved to go cycling this morning; accordingly we were on the road by 8:30 am.

Jamieson Street, Thoburn Street, Dr. Bach Street, Fairburn Bros. Street, King Street, Argyle Street, St. George Street, Country Street, Ann Street, Church Street, William Street, Robert Street, Country Street, Argyle Street, King Street, Metcalfe Drive, Tait McKenzie Street, Thoburn Street, Vaughan Street, Jamieson Street.

My Apple Watch and Fitness App disclose our cycle this morning was 5.47Km over 36 minutes, not exactly an energetic outing but nonetheless invigorating because of the fresh air. Along the way we passed all the usual suspects, being the regular “group” walkers, those with their dogs and the solitary souls.

A distinct ingredient of this matutinal routine is the breakfast that follows.  Recently we discovered President Choice “Old Fashioned Style Bacon” Extra-thick Cut.  As I wrote to the supplier, it is the nec plus ultra. Knowing as I do the threat of bacon I attempt to palliate my indulgence with more favourable features such as homemade apple sauce, red seedless grapes, Minneola orange slices, baguette bagel and Le Chevronné or Alexis de Portneuf cheese all washed down with Earl Grey tea.

What crowned this otherwise incomparable gluttony was a subsequent telephone call with my family physician during which we acceded to the reality of my incremental decline by proposing a more enthusiastic anodyne for my multiple disorders. The insight is the confession that, basically, I am damaged goods and the old machinery – though irreparable – can at least be lubricated for the time being. It is a posture I fully embrace. I am not hardened to either black hair or a sylphlike figure. Nor do I deny La Route Précise!