Last day on the Florida Keys

We’re already planning our return visit to this idyllic venue, a plane of laid-back tranquility and remorseless indulgence. The heat and sunshine instantly quell every hesitation that dares to survive the incomparable soothing nature of life here. The furnishings of the apartment are reminiscent of the Hemingway theme so popular in Key West, the wooden wall panels, the mahogany and wicker chairs, the prints and accessories of everything nautical and seaside. I long ago learned not to attempt to take it all with me. It is an ephemeral passion; it’s state of contentment survives here and here alone.

Though I don’t for a moment think that I can capture this fleeting euphoria in words I rejoice in the opportunity and indisputable pleasure of doing so. As I write by the pool, the blazing heat of the sun at my back, I’m listening to “Dust in the Wind”, a sad song of time’s passage and loss, flying particles of memory. Simple mind, simple pleasures. Yet I have no intention to rewrite this (or any other) account of my life. My mediocre literary talent is far from competition with the Great Architect of the Universe to which we’re all inescapably committed. Ours is a consumption of necessity like dogs at the bowl of the master’s provision.

Meanwhile the more pressing reality is the market demand which has already succeeded to surpass our ambitions. We may have to consider alternatives; viz., estate agent, geographic and locale. Certainly it is not a defeating scenario at present but we may be obliged to make “reasonable accommodation “ to overcome ultimate obstacles and obstruction.

Last year our hope was to secure a place on Key Largo. This may yet happen. But the choice was tainted yesterday by the candid observation of the son of the estate agent here. We’re unimpressed with the digs we’ve had here for the past several days but the shortness of our stayed has spared us any remorse. As with anything else in life there are good and bad of everything. The cost naturally has a bearing on how we choose to proceed, whether economically or with wanton abandon.

Such are the preoccupations of an idle septuagenarian. I cannot of course pretend this is overwhelming. It does however constitute a material absorption for the time being. It’s this or Trump vs Biden in the fight to preserve democracy for the Free World.