Though I haven’t a deck chair upon which to flop, I am nonetheless dead set upon taking it easy this afternoon. After navigating a frightfully organized late morning involving an ultrasound scan at the Almonte General Hospital – a search for invisible flaws preceded by fasting and prodigious water consumption, it is now a day devoted to elemental ingredients only. The high humidity out-of-doors recommends the air-conditioned coolness of the apartment. My irrigated carcass is fortified for filtering.

When going for my customary car wash in Stittsville earlier I was unwittingly diverted to Farm Boy in Kanata where I purchased primary food products only – including for a switch fresh figs. I have subsequently abandoned my purgative bicycle ride for the day. Nor is there need to expiate any guilt. Instead it’s the unblushing pleasure of indolence.

Frankly bicycling is not a deprivation I easily bear. It is by far my preferred exercise, combining as it does reasonable mobility with whatever extravagance of output is managed. There is no necessity to “feel the burn”; rather it is an outing equal measure clinical and vacuous delight. Indeed it is a shameless objective of mine to avoid discomfort whether psychological, spiritual, material or physical. Those over-the-counters are not lost on me!

Perhaps luckily for me life doesn’t care about one’s private objectives.  Agenda are clouded by happenstance. As a result the devotion is not so much to unforeseen comfort as to current status and getting the most out of it. Interpretation of what is before one’s eyes is however not effortless – especially when the objective includes clarity. Depending upon how one examines one’s life, it may produce an achievement or any lesser credit. I cannot recall an instance in my life when life afforded me misfortune. By contrast there have been moments when I have caused my own setback. Coincident with this bent is an unqualified acceptance of my present circumstances (at least to date). I won’t say there haven’t been moments of debate. But I have never excused the advantage or disadvantage as the doing of another.

I have the same dismissal of the past as I do the acceptance of the present. This curious statement is not meant to be a slight but rather to illustrate that what is current and what may replace a former state is not to be viewed as anything but an evaporation, a distillation, a refinement. No doubt you capture the audacious thrust of what I say; namely, that the finished product is tolerable. Lest there be any objection to that thesis, my only answer is, “Consider the alternative!” There is utterly no profit to be withdrawn from complaint. The same applies to wistfulness of any order. The verdancy and lushness abound in the present no matter what the past. It takes a moment of idle reflection and settlement of the dust of the day to fully appreciate this Nirvana. My personal favourite is aligning the characters and sensing the mathematical vitality; assembling the pieces and admiring the view!