Looking ahead

Looking down the hallway I can almost see a light,
The signal of a new path across my prow of sight.
The flicker of a presence which yet is undisclosed,
The promise we’ve awaited and for many months proposed.

We’re leaving where we come from to get to where we go
The swaying sea it’s hot-tempered winds may drift us this I know.
I’ve never tried to get there without a clean and measured plan;
The parallels sometimes infect an unpredicted span.

You ask me what it means to reckon with design
Amidst these many stars we’ve so perilously aligned.
The whisper of perfection in the azure sky above
Splashes waves of cool upon the deck and vanishes like a dove.

Your idle hair is dense and glistened by the sea;
Your lips are moist but purged by salt that I can see.
A trail of former magic scurries down the hall
I have no sense or logic where it leads at all.

Should I meet the others when tacking on the lee
I’ll hail and grasp them to come along with me!
We’ll parade upon the fathoms that glide us far above;
I’m set upon my future and the people whom I love.