Looking Back

August 17, 2018

Grandad would have been 100 today. He died in 2014 in an awful hospital style bed at a veterans care facility with me and Charlotte by his side. He was a very special man with a unique outlook on the world. He went through WWII including being shot down and spending hours clinging to a dingy in the North sea. Despite that, he was always cheerful but with a “no nonsense” attitude. He once told me there are too many depressed people in the world and also that the “world is in chaos” when he’d watch the news much later in life. He had great integrity and practicality that seems lacking today. Aside from all his Air Force accolades, he was a great Grandparent, teaching us about vegetable gardening (he had a plot of land that is now an underpass in Bells Corners) and we sold pumpkins in our neighborhood every year. He always drove me to riding lessons and shows, always ready to help sweep or carry tack. His speeches around the dinner table during holidays we came to expect are missed. As is his sense of humour and little sayings and sage advice about life. One thing that stuck with me was “not all flowers bloom at the same time” in response to me feeling down about being at a certain place in my life. If you still have your grandparents and are on good terms make sure you sit down with them and listen. They have everything to teach you.

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