March break

The crowds have multiplied on the beach and the bicycle paths!  Everywhere there are young people, students and families. It signals that it shall soon be time for us to leave this treasured island retreat for another year. Not to mention the people who have yet to arrive early April for the PGA RBC Heritage golf tournament. To my discredit it was only today that by chance I saw for the first time the logo on the iconic lighthouse in the nearby yacht basin!

Contrasting the accumulating masses was the expansive beach early this afternoon as I headed from Coligny Beach Park westward with the Northeasterly wind at my back. It was low tide.  After the recent cold front (characterized by violent winds) the face of the beach has changed noticeably, larger volumes of sand have been constructed overnight. Years ago, following a summer hurricane, the beach was commensurately eroded – though much of the sand had been washed to the tip of the island opposite where we are now located. It all speaks to the power of the storms whether from north or south. And it is a reminder that we’re living on a sandbar.