Matte grey and rain

You’ve found me at my desk. I am as usual fulfilling my late afternoon precedent to the evening meal and all that that entails. My preparation in addition to my Bose™ headphones is a strong, black, chilled coffee (this for intellectual stimulation), a reasonable measure of THC (this for pain) and a moment’s reflection upon the good of literature in general and this platform in particular (I am reluctant use the word “blog” as it sounds so hopelessly vulgar). Meanwhile as I prepare myself I can hear the rain knocking on the floor-to-ceiling windows in the withdrawing room overlooking the now desperately soggy meadow and the faded complexion of the river as it wends its way through our town. Whither it goes and whence it comes I have no certainty. It is nonetheless a fitting and exceedingly gratifying end to our afternoon venture to the city where, in spite of the traffic and numerous modifications to accommodate the Light Rail Transit, we succeeded to complete all appurtenant communication with the endodonist, dentist and car dealer. There is nothing of value deriving from less than a myriad of ingredients. Today we reached the fortuity of that combination.

Light rail transit (LRT) is a form of passenger urban rail transit characterized by a combination of tram and rapid transit features. While its rolling stock is similar to a traditional tram, it operates at a higher capacity and speed, and often on an exclusive right-of-way. In many cities, light rail transit systems more closely resemble, and are therefore indistinguishable from, traditional underground or at-grade subways and heavy-rail metros.

The machinery of existence is for the most part so well lubricated that the idleness of a mere 24-hours is sufficient to exhaust any memory of what previously transpired. Yet while I wasn’t around in 1890 I was however in Paris, France in 1964. And as insufficient as my memory normally is, I frankly do not recall an appearance along the Seine quite like the featured image at the start of this article.

View over the Seine in Paris, Pont des Invalides in the foreground, Eiffel tower in the background by Daniela Kloth.

An occasional murky day such as today is healthful. I had no regret whatsoever for sitting in the car (as we did) or for remaining indoors (as we also did). And I don’t mind saying the view through the mist and fog was grand.