Mediterranean dining

Pardon my ignorance but I haven’t a clue about the precise content of Mediterranean food. I only know that it tastes good and that it is good for you; sort of like cheeseburger and onion rings. And the other thing about which I am yet more ignorant is cooking. Combining the good I know (taste) with the bad I don’t know (culinary) it seemed an eminently sound recovery to spread the good news about this new recipe. I call it Denis Doodle (though I’m open to improvement).

It is only recently I first enjoyed this recipe because two of the ingredients (pointedly the ones that come in a box or bottle) were my contribution.  Not long ago while shopping at the Almonte Butcher I spied these exotic ingredients which captured my volcanic cooking urges. I had initially anticipated a dish similar to beef stroganoff. Indeed that was probably the first time I had the Favuzzi pasta (which significantly I had overlooked – contrary to my recollection of it when delivered as per the recipe below). I qualify that attack by confirming the preparation of the pasta with rib eye steak was delicious (though frankly probably more so because of the steak than the pasta).

And while I am on the topic of food, permit me the privilege and presumption to mention (in the event you do not already know) the added benefit to be garnered from Hummingbird Chocaltier. On my way home from an improving afternoon swim at the country estate of my erstwhile physician I thought to stop somewhere along the way for a sweet for the end of the evening meal. The retail variety of choice for sweets is surprisingly prolific. But I cannot recall the last time I bowed so readily to a dessert as I did tonight after the two samples I had.

Hummingbird Chocaltier

Denis Doodle
by Denis J. Arial
Town of Mississippi Mills, Ontario

1 bag of Favuzzi Spaghetti Artisanal Pasta

1 350 ml bottle of Yeshi Ginger Sesame Nutritional Dressing

2 green onions or more to your liking
1⁄2 sweet pepper or more
10 cherry tomatoes or more
1⁄2 English cucumber or seedless cucumber or more

Feel free to add other ingredients you might enjoy – e.g. avocado

You take your Favuzzi Spaghetti Artisinal Pasta from Almonte Butcher shop and cook it.
You open the bottle of Yeshi Ginger Sesame Nutritional Dressing (350ml) from Almonte Butcher shop and pour it all in with the pasta. Mix and put in fridge. Open a bottle of wine and relax.
Next day and at least 1 hour before serving:
Chop your scallions (green and white parts), sweet pepper (red, orange or yellow) in small pieces, cherry tomatoes in half (not grape) and cucumber and mix with cold pasta.
Let rest at ambient temp – have a martini or two or some vino.
Enjoy the pasta and more of the vino.