Nec Plus Ultra!

It would be inconceivable to exceed the euphoria of this day! Brilliance and balminess don’t begin to capture the unparalleled rhapsody! Though I admit it was with a measure of reluctance that I folded my limp self off the edge of the bed this morning onto the floor, straightened upright and began the day, once I got the parts moving my level of gusto increased commensurately. I immediately showered, “abluted” and dressed. Things were in the making!

In a moment of unforeseen exploit I determined to occupy the next 1½ hours before my hair-cut appointment with Mr. Sam by collecting the few groceries and supplies I customarily require to stock the pantry shelves. On the parking lot of the grocery store I spoke with a chap whom I know and with whom we serendipitously share other acquaintances. He is a successful local businessman, younger than I by a decade, thin and blessed with an air of vigour. He is involved in local politics or municipal improvements. Either way he appears regularly with like-minded people in the local newspaper amid applause and praise. We shared the usual pleasantries then left off.

The shopping was perfunctory. My needs are simple though repetitive. Novelty is seldom a hindrance in my daily performance. I was back at the car and headed home more quickly than I had anticipated. Already the favour of the morning air had enveloped me; I was feeling energized by the minute!

At home I unloaded my cargo and then drove to Mr. Sam, the barber. He is an Arab from Syria. He arrived here in 2017 (four years ago, as he said). His brother is here too but not his parents. I believe his mother tongue is French.  He learned English with the coaching assistance of the young woman who is now his assistant stylist at the barber shop. Mr. Sam is married with three children; viz., girl 9, girl 6 and boy 1¾ years old.  His wife studies business management at Algonquin College. I adore that is an entrepreneur.  He opened his own business this year after having been employed elsewhere previously. He told me that at one time he worked 3 jobs each day – delivery (of what or for whom I do not know), study for his stylist’s licence and work in a stylist studio. He is in his early thirties. I am convinced he will do well here. He has a level of social skills which speak well for him in my opinion. He is always noticeably polite without being obsequious. And most importantly of all, he does a damn good job!

By this time the day widened with revitalized expectancy and a general feeling of accomplishment and well-being. I had ridded myself of another obligation! The groceries were done. Upon returning home I immediately mounted my Electra bicycle and commenced what proved to be an uncommonly pleasant sojourn consistent with the rest of the day.

Upon my return I sequestered myself on the backyard patio, facing directly into the yellow orb among the fluffy white clouds. Subsequently it was breakfast as usual; and a very tolerable assortment if I do say so.