New days on the horizon

He would sometimes say that if life were made what it might be, by good government and good education, it would be worth having: but he never spoke with anything like enthusiasm even of that possibility.

Excerpt From: John Stuart Mill. “Autobiography.”

The Democratic Party last night moved a step closer to the prospect of a new and better day for the citizens of the United States of America. Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential hopeful, won significant support above competing Bernie Sanders. While I mistrust the rigorous and often hackneyed complaints of the Trump presidency – primarily because their prejudice reverberates the same token likeness which Fox News attributes to Trump – there appears to be a growing belief among Americans that Trump and his minions cannot be dismissed as merely members of the ruling Party. More specifically the so-called liberal platform of the Democratic Party – especially as widened by its presidential candidates such as Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Yang – embraces what in America is becoming an awakening to its universal social inadequacies which threaten not only the well-being and education of its population but also its foreseeable economic production and prominence. The scope of the Democratic platform makes a mockery of Trump’s platitudinous agenda to “Make America Great Again“, an aphorism which has paradoxically come to represent a step backward to preferred tax cuts for the rich, blindness to scientific necessity, isolationism, white nationalism, racism, religious intolerance and control of women.

Equally important – though arguably of less significance – is the incremental fatigue Americans have developed with the blatant weaknesses exhibited routinely by Trump in his lascivious, ignorant and less than adult behaviour. He is not exactly proving to be the model of American distinction – either nationally or internationally.

The steam of the Democratic Party is by all accounts dependent upon it combining the many worthwhile and popular schemes of its various presidential candidates. The fact that the Party has chosen as its ultimate presidential candidate a man who captures historic government experience, a fatherly figure and a man of likeable personal traits means only that he is the device for the removal of Trump by the advancement of much needed change – specifically a step forward, not a step backward.  It also means that Biden will be required to incorporate the compelling theses of the other candidates. The motive is not merely to defeat Trump but to provide an agenda of value to the American society as a whole – rich and poor, black and white, men and women. The ambition is virtually axiomatic – but a far cry from Trump’s notorious denial of reality and advancement of conspiracy theories.