New Year’s Eve on Hilton Head Island (2021)

Years ago on Christmas Day, 2010 when we first stepped foot on the beach of Hilton Head Island we hardly imagined we’d be here again on New Year’s Eve, 2021. We’re thrilled to be gassing about it once again!

Christmas Day 2010 Hilton Head Island

Before invoking the indescribable pleasure of our breakfast this morning at Lowcountry Produce I hasten to add that the Fitness App on my iPhone records an Outdoor Cycle today of precisely 21 Kms. This in my opinion laudable achievement was accomplished before (2.16 Kms) and after (18.84 Kms) the breakfast. I have no doubt I was spirited in my Herculean ambition by the blend of coffee, sugar and fat! Not only did I succeed to reach Coligny Beach Park but further I energetically diverted my customary return route to extend the morning athleticism to hitherto uncharted territory within Sea Pines surrounding the Harbour Town marina.


On the subject of food we intend this evening – New Year’s Eve – to repeat the incomparable success of last evening’s meal; namely, custom hamburgers with Roquefort cheese and smashed yellow potatoes. I excuse the vulgarity of this gastronomic preoccupation by noting that until now my meals have been singularly plain and uninventive; literally, cold steel cut oats for breakfast (no milk, sugar or other additive), raw celery, carrot sticks and tomatoes with plain microwaved salmon for dinner and All-Bran for dessert. I acknowledge the admittedly nutritious feature of the diet but dull as well, not exactly tasteless but drab.

The smug contentment engendered by our return to this sanctuary of beauty and design is impossible to put in the shade. The mere repetition of our trifling agenda is but an improvement of things. How can one disapprove of daily exercise?  Or magnificent and ever changing views? Or back yard proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean? Or…I could go on and on but I will not.

We have determined there are precisely 100 days remaining until our scheduled departure on April 11th. The only thing that might provoke an earlier vacation on our part is the RBC Heritage PGA Tour for which participants will be preparing about the same time. Meanwhile we’re looking forward to the anticipated evaporation of the masses shortly after the New Year (during which we’ll be in Key Largo) and the subsequent tranquillity of the Island until the spring. And did I mention the donuts?