No room for a bed,,,

No Room for a Bed
by Rocci Fisch, American Political Commentator

The stimulus checks, they’re in the mail
Americans who need the dough can now exhale
Real cash money on the way
Giving it to people who need some pay

A help indeed
No government greed
Biden and company, they’re on the road
Pitching the covid/econ package, a true mother lode

The “Help is Here” tour starting this week
Talk to the people, the PR technique
Down on the border, an immigrant surge
Women and children, from the Rio Grande they emerge

Staggering numbers of unaccompanied kids
Held in “jail-like stations,” they’re hitting the skids
Many from Honduras, from hurricanes, violence and poverty they fled
A better life they seek but no room for a bed

A “Biden border crisis,” Republicans claim
McCarthy’s delegation ready to blame
Firsthand they see the problems that lie
Secure the border, their battle cry

The crowding, the numbers, the covid concern
A hot button issue, will it take a turn
Meanwhile, Trump’s border wall-many gaps, still undone
Entry for migrants and drug cartels, they hit home runs

No more construction, abandoned it remains
Proclamation by Biden: Money spent, insane
Vaccinations, they’re going on
One in five now have jabs in their arms

Black market deals, people jumping the line
Rich and connected, they get by design
Caution is called for letting down guard
Wreckless behavior and future is scarred

Variants more transmissible, virus still spreads
What do these violators have in their heads
A vigil in London for a young woman slain
Suspect an officer and relations are strained

Crowd size got larger, police called to scene
Covid restrictions, why they intervened
Skirmishes at scene, a woman dragged out
Women want their safety, what it’s all about

The question is Cuomo, should he resign
Who’s next to weigh in, just get in line
Allegations, accusations,
Condemnations, implications

Investigation – that’s underway
Let’s “see what it brings,” Biden said the other day