Now, where were we?

Mid-morning under cloudy skies today we returned from Daytona Beach Shores where we had nested briefly at The Shores en route from a short jaunt in the past week to Tavernier and Key Largo. Our first stop back on Hilton Head Island was Publix to restock the larder with the usual provisions, then a visit to Island Car Wash followed by a gratifying and compensatory breakfast of freshly baked donuts ornamented with glazed icing sugar, succeeded by extra thick bacon, supreme sausage links, fried eggs, an outstanding biscuit with butter ‘n blueberry jam and strong, black coffee at LowCountry Produce Market & Café. We had much about which to rejoice! The venture to Key Largo was replete with excitement, reaffirmation and uninhibited quenching. Our Epicurean spirit prevailed amidst an equally comforting cerebral and demonstrable satisfaction of limitation. Excess is no longer a springboard of evolution.

Upon the wallowing return to our digs we unloaded the remainder of travel gear from the car, put stuff away in closets and drawers, cleaned and chopped the fresh veggies and made more strong black coffee.  We’ve been at it non-stop since before 3:00 am this morning.  When we called down to the front desk there wasn’t even a chap available to bring a cart to the room for our luggage!  His Lordship handled all that. Meanwhile I recovered the car from the guest parking lot and stationed the vehicle at the front door of the hotel lobby to put things into the car. Thereafter we crept in darkness and silence through a dormant Daytona Beach onto i95 northward bound. And now at last it is just us and Mazart! Whew!  We are chuffed but tuckered!

Today is mid-January, precisely a month and a half since our arrival on Hilton Head Island from Canada. In the three months remaining here we have no intention of wandering further abroad. Travel is work no matter how buoyantly it is retailed! We are in every dimension resigned to utter tranquillity on the Island and nowhere else for the time being! This in my opinion is the height of indulgence; namely, that magic feeling – nowhere to go, nothing to do! How often the purity and simplicity of the effortless design is abused by commotion and inutility.

Nonetheless I shall expiate whatever guilt has managed to penetrate my shield of shameless mediocrity and slacking by going for a brief bicycle ride if for no other reason than to ensure the device still performs.


Both bikes were as we left them in the racks behind the apartment building.  The tires appeared to have retained their compression.  My atonement was however marked by more demand than I had anticipated. As a result I swiftly determined to limit the scope of my movement. Basically I went in a circle within the immediate area of Harbour Town.  I was further prompted in this restriction by the effect of crowds on what I subsequently learned was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day. At first I thought the unusual numbers (for this time of year) were the product of today being a Saturday but naturally that did not adequately explain the proliferation of young families.  My wandering was thus a glimpse of the neighbourhood.

My mounting fatigue from the long drive up Florida, Georgia and South Carolina was evident. I persisted for no other reason than to quell the lingering smugness deriving from our thoroughly successful bolt to the Keys. Ours is an immeasurable satisfaction! As I accounted yesterday on the consummation of the transaction insinuating our venture to the Keys, I derive therefrom an unanticipated settlement of purpose and ultimate ambition. At my advanced age there is little that stimulates me with authenticity. Almost universally things are subdued by qualification. Yet at times there are events (such as these) which propel the mind and spirit limitlessly.

As though to punctuate this gratuitous beneficence, I inadvertently diverted myself with scenes by which I had previously passed unhindered many times. Sea Pines – in spite of my frequent condemnation of it as manufactured or calculated (which it no doubt is) – remains an inexpressibly stimulating environment especially for the ingénues among us.