Painted sky

Though I am pressed to recount in any detail what I may have done today, it is a credit to the achievement that I am left feeling overall so wholesome. Perhaps it was that I succumbed – initially at least – to some improving restraint.  Stoicism is, as I am certain you know, a favourable activity, so inspiring, so motivating.

I wasn’t long however swinging from the doleful cycle of wistful thought to the happier venue called life’s pleasures. In particular we struck upon the truly amazing productions of Smash-N-Dash here in Almonte.  Another of the signal elements of our life which is conveniently located nearby. I want to acknowledge what I consider a huge triumph; namely, Smash-N-Dash Shamshburgers, Food Truck 5736 County Rd No 29, Almonte, ON, Canada, Ontario.

Smash N Dash is a family run business in the town of Almonte Ontario. We specialize in home made smash burgers. Get yours with a side of fries or our delicious poutine. We serve deep fried chocolate bars for dessert.

Where do these people learn to do that! It is so wonderful to see a truly successfull business doing things just the right way. I wasn’t long proclaiming my admiration for the business. From my point of view (shall we say, as the ignorant consumer) this retail creation has all the indicia of talent; nor for a moment do I imagine that  one learns the criticial manipulation of flavours and spices on some back street. Whatever the evolution of the business its operation strenghtens the quality of our country. I know of no impediment in business to the retail of a quality product.

Interspersed among these trifling reflections were casual repartées with old friends whom I chanced to meet today as fortuitously as if it were 50 years ago. Over that 50 year chasm we have cultivated a good number of wireless communications. I am speaking of the veins of society, the tiny rivers which span and insinuate the more susbstantive features of the architecture.