Perfect day!

The County landscape has transformed into one verdant blossom! The burgeoning leaves are a youthful emerald green. Once exposed pathways are now shady corridors. Water levels are stable, no longer violent with springtime rush. The fragrant air is clear and warm. We’re rapidly approaching the First Day of Summer in style!

After an unusually prolonged deferment on the mattress today I surfaced from the mounting indolence of old age and mediocrity nearing ten o’clock this morning. Because I hadn’t eaten since the luncheon at the golf club yesterday I attacked my routine matutinal meal of sliced green apple, Brie cheese wedge and pitted prunes with an undeniable gusto. We then directed ourselves along the former railway right-of-way for the statutory 10 Km cycle. Had there been any humidity the 90°F temperature would have been less tolerable.

Completing the car wash was a most agreeable jaunt along the 4-lane divided highway from Stittsville to White Lake and back. On the way I stopped at Neat Café in the Village of Burnstown for a stimulating espresso coffee and a selection of sweets (including our favourites chocolate/peanut butter bars and date squares). The alternative resource for desserts is the Beckwith Bakery in Carleton Place. The drive from Renfrew County to Almonte was peaceful to a fault.  There was no late afternoon traffic in the hinterland to speak of.  Everything was idyllic in the surrounding forests and farm lands.