Perfect Autumn Afternoon!

There are I am sure few extravagances about which one is instinctively reluctant to clamour on the public stage. Yet proclamations involving cravings can so often descend into frightfully common exhibitions! Fortunately for me I needn’t lapse into the threat of the visceral on that particular subject. My personal indulgence is the passenger automobile. The snag is not that there is anything wrong with an affection for a mechanical device; but that automobiles so often reflect a hidden perversion or psychological impediment of the owner. It is common knowledge that the adrenalin is aroused differently in prospective customers; and the manufacturers have long ago learned just how to market their brand.

Having owned a number of new cars I feel I am qualified to pass a purely retail view of the product. Certainly I haven’t the technical savvy or interest in outlining the mechanical side of the vehicle other than to report the Lincoln Aviator is in my opinion the most comfortable and enticing automobile I’ve ever driven!  How’s that for a recommendation! And I can assure you I do it willingly and altruistically!

Manufacturers regularly provide customers with endless requests to complete a survey about their product. I categorically abandoned the privilege of completing surveys years ago. My days of contribution to capital production are at an end. I continue however to be inspired sufficiently by this car’s performance to report its indisputable success. The appearance is a refinement of the former truck adaptation which for example characterizes both the Lincoln Navigator and the Cadillac Escalade, the preambles of the industry into the now popular SUV category. Among the many advantages of the SUV vs the sedan are easy access and exit, higher view and protective size. What won me over in particular with the Lincoln Aviator was the palpable alignment and balance of the entire vehicle and its noticeably broad view from the “cockpit“.  Oddly when the windows and landau roof are open the whistling of the wind is slight but not offensive. The engine I have (Reserve model) is over 400 hp so there is no trouble filtering onto the freeway. I routinely use the massage feature available on both driver and passenger front seats. In sum the vehicle provides a strong but soothing boulevard ride which is certain to excite even the old fogeys!