Pre-election jitters

America is poised on November 8th to make some potentially startling mid-term election decisions during the current presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr (D) who entered the oval office on Capitol Hill in 2020. The expectancy is that the incumbents will maintain the lead; however, because former president Donald J. Trump (R), in spite of being the subject of broad litigation and unfavourable report arising from the insurrection following his defeat, continues to perpetuate his unsubstantiated “stolen election” theme without discernible reactionary discredit from his putative base, the prospects are open for roulette gain or loss. Significantly President Biden has warned Americans that the traditional minority of interest in mid-term elections is in this instance altered enormously by the risk of preservation of the central American theme of democracy.

It bothers me when listening to either CNN or FOX NEWS that the apparent focus of the networks is upon ridicule of the opposing parties rather than a critical and insightful examination of their differences. It is my tenet that a more fruitful result is obtained through discussion of the bases of the imbalance rather than mere attack upon the members opposite. The latter is akin to saying, “…and you’re ugly too!” instead of exposing the root of what each party characterizes as the alternate infections.

Assuming as I do that all humans are essentially the same and that none of us is exponentially more brilliant than another, what flows from our individual wants and preferences is but emblematic of our unique and distinct likes and dislikes, not our particularly notable acuity or intelligence.  Often the most gaudy member of a tribe is the relative of an erstwhile member of a lower class; and, similarly the least pretentious among us can prove to offer the greatest insight and credentials peculiar to education and professional legitimacy.  Basically, looks can be deceiving. By the same token, as comedian Chris Rock so accurately observed, “What ever happened to crazy!”  Some people, no matter their political alliance, are mad and should be treated as such. Children in spite of their loudness, anger and zeal do not rule the world.

Nonetheless the dramatic inflections of right or left, capitalist or communist, family tradition or weirdos, persist as instruments of political battle. In the face of such aggressive absurdity I am reminded that during wars initiated by competitive oligarchs the soldiers are but boys with indistinguishable wishes, whether for approbation or employment; but to identify the minions of the quarrelsome parties as evil is a gross and malicious extension. The profits of war or violent disagreement are limited to those at the helm not those struggling to survive at the rudder beneath the surface. Most people whom I know who have been blessed with wealth and happiness are those who have worked for it. Inheritance for example is otherwise ephemeral only. Limiting  an occupation to weighing one’s money every morning is destined to be a hollow and unfulfilling enterprise. I say this because there is ample evidence that what drives the champions of the political arena is not social justice, education, health or environmental and infrastructure improvement; rather the mechanics are frequently aligned conspicuously with the monied interests behind the respective promotions and the advancement only of those grovelling for reinstatement at whatever cost to others. And – surprise – this condemnation applies to both sides of the aisle! Make no mistake, none of us has a purity of thought.  We are all influenced by persuasions, by preferences, by psychological perversions whether we wish to admit to same or not. Some have been overtaken by anger. Others by disappointment and incredulity.

This selfish disorder naturally poisons the popular opinion regarding politicians who as a result are effectively perceived to be guided by what is right for them not their constituents. Secondly the scope of federal politicians is often outside the realm of daily and detectable governance such as controlled by state or city legislators. In short the majority of citizens are either unconcerned or otherwise removed from or demoralized by political activity at the federal apex.

One last word, if I may, and it is this: running for public office, having to suffer the sometimes egregious consequences of doing so, warrants at least some respect. While it is the privilege of the masses to mock their betters, we should perhaps confine the customary abuse to theoretical discussion only. It is easy to stand on others to make oneself taller.