Quiet day off the beach

Our primary objective today was grocery shopping. This was not as might reasonably be conjectured an especially pressing matter – indeed it seldom if ever is – yet within the scope of our narrow and uneventful existence it nonetheless provoked singular issues.  Foremost was that the fishmonger at Publix does not (as I have learned from prior inadvertent failure) technically “open” his cutting board and commence distributing his iced filets until 9:30 am. This is so even though the store proper opens at 7:00 am. Weeks ago I learned of this anomaly when I happened upon the fishmonger as he was shovelling huge scoops of crushed ice into the display case, an activity which led me to believe he was in the throes of retail operation. When however I enquired about securing six salmon filets he curtly advised that he didn’t open until 9:30 am. I was there about 8:15 am I reckon.  As I recovered from my initial investigative miscalculation he to my surprise asked what I wanted.  I told him; and he told me to come back several minutes later which I did and thereupon collected my trove.  It was however an inconvenience on all sides I hadn’t a wish to revisit.  And it was accordingly that this account presented the preliminary issue to our early morning grocery expedition today.

Concealed within this monologue is the further disruption that, given our collective enthusiasm to embrace the shopping imperative, we were anxious to start as early as possible. This meant getting other traditional matters out of the way as deftly as possible.  Things like car washes and breakfast.  On a whim – because when you’re resident (as are we) in a resort for a prolonged period not everything is whimsical but rather recurrent – we decided to go “out” for breakfast this morning notwithstanding our available provisions for the usual matutinal routine.  The venue of choice was Lowcountry Produce Market & Café (which parenthetically I note is described on the internet as a “breakfast restaurant”). As the restaurant is conveniently located within a kilometre of our residence, it naturally made sense to go there before leaving Sea Pines for the grocery store and car wash. All a question of planning, Watson!

Our visit to Lowcountry did not disappoint.  We were gleefully heralded by a young female server with whom we had previously interacted. To my eternal astonishment she is so deft at her profession that, in spite of the fact that I ordered my entire breakfast repast à la carte, she – without blinking and pointedly without recording my articulation – not only appeared to absorb every detail but also proved her skill subsequently by delivering precisely as ordered!  If there were anyone accused of inadequacy on the point it was I because I forgot to call for a “biscuit” in addition to everything else I had summonsed (three eggs-over-easy, double order of bacon, sausage links, sausage patties, American cheese and tomato slices). For the record His Lordship and I jointly avoided ordering the warm donuts in sugary syrup. It is a deprivation exceedingly difficult to bear both psychologically and otherwise; but when it comes to dietary control, pusillanimity is lost upon us!

By the time we had vacated the breakfast restaurant and invaded the grocery store it was after nine o’clock. We concurred that there is notable advantage to shopping for groceries when one is sated. We had as well deliberately chosen to frequent the grocery store before the car wash because the grocery store is the first stop immediately upon leaving Sea Pines. Using the Publix “App” we succeeded to collect all the necessaries.  The fishmonger was en vedette by the time we arrived on the scene.  I ordered an entire salmon “half”, deciding it was more desirable to cut it myself into the customary 2″ filets.

At the car wash our 100% luck to this point in the morning suffered a mild setback when our 3-month membership attachment on the windshield lifted the gate of the adjoining entrance for another car rather than our own.  The attendant arrived instantly and corrected the problem. But I had meanwhile cursed the BMW for its peremptory – though wrongly imputed – behaviour!

You may have noticed I haven’t to this point mentioned the weather.  The weather is traditionally a matter of the first order on Hilton Head Island whether you’re a cyclist, walker or golfer. Anyway the weather today was gloomy. And cold. Indeed I cannot recall having seen any sunshine whatsoever throughout the entire day, most unusual.  And normally it would be somewhat disheartening.  Although not so today.  We were prepared for the eventuality as we had scoped the matter last evening. What had elevated us from any lingering perturbance was the strengthening knowledge that the forecast for the succeeding several days or more is sunshine and rising temperatures. Our experience on the Island is that clear weather is seldom far behind intermittent clouds or rain. I put it down to yet another pleasing feature of maritime and insular living.

In spite of my repeated – almost daily – protestations about taking a day off bicycling for a well deserved rest, I could not withstand the thought of the dispossession again today.  So following our return from this morning’s catalogue of adventures I hopped onto the two-wheeler and headed about Sea Pines for an abbreviated jaunt.  I hadn’t the desire to peruse the beach today because of the inclement weather. Nor as a result did I end taking any photographs.  Without the azure sky and billows of white clouds, things just are not the same! I have instead the purgative luxury of my morning protein breakfast, lacquered by the readmission to my diet of saumon simple and of course the requisite car wash! And by the way we regained the moderate footage lost with the BMW at the car wash when, upon re-entering the parking lot adjoining our condo, the delivery truck which to our dismay had inappropriately lodged itself in our preferred parking space subsequently relocated and I as speedily overtook the spot! Life has returned to Middle-C once again!