Quiet day on the Island

Now I won’t suggest that even Heaven can become tiresome. That would be unforgivably thankless and disgracefully dismissive! But I knew late this morning when I mechanically launched my decomposing carcass into the constitutional bicycle ride, I just might not be up to things.  Indeed after having returned from an earlier administrative attendance at the grocery store and the car wash I willingly succumbed to the craving to dawdle in an easy chair. Soon I was lost in wool-gathering. Upon a sudden awakening moments afterwards my instinct told me to linger longer. Specifically my knee joints were screaming, “Leave me alone!“, they said. But I couldn’t bear the deprivation of the daily routine. Such is the weight of obsession and habit! So off I went upon my bicycle.

The spontaneity propelled me as usual along Greenwood Drive to Pope Avenue where I took North Forest Beach Drive then onto Dune Lane and finally onto the beach. The crowds were instantly conspicuous. Families and dogs everywhere! I had anticipated that most would return to their northern digs as the New Year approached but that does not seem to have been the case.  Perhaps it is because the weather is forecast to be uncommonly warm (75°F) and sunny until Monday, January 3rd. Temperatures will then plummet to 59°F for what looks like the beginning of the regular winter weather here. It doesn’t matter a shred to me because the clear air and azure sky are also predicted; and I have long ago abandoned a wardrobe of lycra or any other close-fitting clothing!

The beach soon captured my burgeoning appetite for its ever-changing manifestations. I swear there is never an image the same! Accordingly as much as I tried to cycle continuously, I repeatedly stopped along the way to take another photo with my trusty iPhone.  I still recall those horrid days of my Agfa Silette LK when I was confined to 35 snaps per roll of film, the processing of which naturally took time.  Now I can snap as many as 148 photos or more and immediately edit them upon my return home.

Agfa Silette LK is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa ans introduced in 1958. It belongs to the long lasting Silette series. It is a cheaper variant of the Agfa Silette SL.

There are 3 types/versions of the camera. 

Lenses were Agfa Color Agnar 45mm f/2,8, Color-Apotar, Color-Agnar and the shutters were Prontor-LK, and Spezial LK. Other features are a coupled Selenium cell lightmeter, an accessory shoe and a flash contact, mirrored viewfinder is bright and quite classy.

The animal constituency of this mind/body dichotomy we so frivolously call human nature does however overtake all else. It was with unrepentant satisfaction mid-afternoon that I turned off the bike paths onto Cutter Court and stationed my two-wheeler at its customary stand. Then the delicacy of espresso café!  And now as I speak, the aroma of an impending homemade meal! Thus have I reignited and recovered my sacramental absorption on Hilton Head Island!